The Real Sitio de San Ildefonso has a wide and varied calendar of festivals: The festive calendar begins on January 23 with the celebration of San Ildefonso.


Among the acts are a traditional Mass in honor of the Saint (San Ildefonso Arzobispo de Toledo) in the Hermitage of San Ildefonso and a Popular Lunch in the Plaza de Los Dolores.

The Major Festivities of La Granja

They are celebrated in honor of San Luis (August 25). Of the wide festive schedule during the week, it is worth highlighting the bullfighting shows, the start-up of the Monumental Fountains of the Palace Gardens and the traditional Jewish folk festival where all the attendees can taste the star product of the place: the Judión de La Farm.

Linking also with the baroque origins of the Real Sitio, the 28 of August celebrates the Mass of the Pear, that remembers when the kings distributed a piece of fruit to each neighbor.


Festivities in honor of the Virgen del Rosario

The first weekend of September is celebrated in Valsaín the festivities in honor of the Virgen del Rosario. In addition to bulls, it is very unique the log cutting contest that links with the ancestral logging tradition of the place. The trunks are also cut during the San Antón festival, the 17 in January.

The historic center of La Granja is the solemn stage of the processions of Holy Week, which include the steps of the Holy Sepulcher, the Virgin of Solitude, the Reclining Christ and the Christ of the Alijares. On Good Friday there is the impressive Procession of the Holy Burial, in which penitents dressed in the Franciscan habit and barefoot, carry heavy crosses made of oak or ash.


Baroque market

Coinciding with the first weekend of June, the Baroque Market is celebrated, which has become a reference for thematic markets in Castilla y León. Theater, shows, attractions, music and parades animate a large market in which more than a hundred merchants and artisans participate ...


Performing arts festivals

Within the cultural program, numerous festivals related to the performing arts have taken place over the last years in the Real Sitio, the best known being the Autumn Festival "Música en la Casa de las Flores" organized by Patrimonio Nacional and the International Festival "Magical Nights of La Granja" that includes four Festivals:

  • La Granjazz Festival
  • International Festival of Magic
  • International Festival of Music and Dance
  • Festival Nights of the Royal Site

Here artists of the world of music, theater, dance and magic of recognized national and international trajectory come together.

It is a reality for the Real Site of San Ildefonso called Tourism Congresses and Meetings, which for some time complements the already consolidated monumental and cultural tourism, a perfect enclave to hold courses, congresses and conventions.