Navafría is a mountain town located under the mantle of the pine forest that bears his name, with an average altitude higher than 1.200 m

and an extension of 30 Km2, located to the south of the province of Segovia in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama that belongs to the Community of Villa and Tierra de Pedraza.

A settlement that since the Middle Ages grew based on agriculture, livestock and forests and in our time, for its special enclave in nature, its unique beauty and environment with the kindness of its people is a fundamental reference of first order in the interior tourism of quality, without forgetting the means of life and the traditional uses that are base of their history and their culture. Bathed by the river Cega next to the Cañada Real Soriana Occidental, Navafría is a space of preferential tourist interest that offers its visitors nature, art, rural tourism and active together with an excellent gastronomy, with easy communication and access.

Its enclave near Madrid, to Segovia, surrounded by La Granja, Sepúlveda and the medieval Pedraza, together with a great diversity of villages with tradition, is an excellent alternative to enjoy a quiet way of nature, culture, art and culture. leisure, which always surprises everyone.

Far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world but with the advantages it provides, Navafría has all the services and facilities for the well-being of its neighbors and visitors: accommodation, gastronomy, health center, pharmacy, shops and stores, Barracks Civil Guard, banking entity, cashier, tourist office and interpretation center, having the most modern digital and broadband communications systems.




Parish Church of San Lorenzo

Its Romanesque portal, of great historical value, receives the visitor by opening the doors of a building that is endowed with late Gothic elements. This temple consists of three naves separated by large arches, supported by pilasters. The central nave is topped with a baroque era head where the altarpiece is with the image of San Lorenzo, patron of Navafría. The one on the right corresponds to the chapel of Santo Cristo.

It has a massive square tower, open with double bays, finished in a semicircular arch. From the temple every year, the 10 of August, leaves in procession San Lorenzo.


The Martinete de Navafría

A hydraulic ingenuity of medieval origin that constitutes an ethnographic treasure, being the only martinete to beat copper that is conserved in Europe. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the 1998 year, its appearance dates from 1700 and can be visited, in its second and current enclave, whose facilities are more than a century old.

Natural elements: water from the river Cega, wind and fire, energies of nature, get with the ingenuity and skill of man a foundry industry that was known thousands of years BC in Chaldea and Egypt.


Natural Park "El Chorro"

About two kilometers from the town, approximately, is the place called "El Chorro", where you can enjoy a wonderful day in the country, since this park has barbecues, tables and benches, arranged for the comfort of the user, water potable, services, playground, a rustic style restaurant, as well as parking area and natural pool.

The starting point that runs between the parking area and the recreational area leads us upstream to the site of the waterfall that bears the name of this park "El Chorro". This walkway is equipped with benches for the rest of the passer-by and runs between pine trees, with the murmur and the view of the stream with its ponds.

From this place, and on the bridge that serves as a lookout for the fall of the jet, you can enjoy some really impressive views.


The Nevero

It is one of the most important peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Its summit is one of the best viewpoints from where you can see most of the provinces of Segovia and Madrid.

You can reach the top by a simple route that begins at the port of Navafría, which is the only pass in Los Montes Carpetanos that connects the two provinces and the towns of Navafría and Lozoya.


The Charcas and Children's Park

At 500 m of the town we find a zone conditioned for the enjoyment of children and adults with a beautiful and well-tended meadow that has a bar service, where you can enjoy an ideal temperature to combat the hot summer days.


Plaza del Campillo

In this place every flea market is held every Tuesday. At the beginning of the s. XX, in that corner formed by two ancestral houses, there was a Civil Guard Barracks. From here, the Calle del Puerto, which connects the town with the road that goes to el Chorro, that is, to the pine forest. At 400 m we find the hermitage of San Sebastian. This Saint has his traditional party very rooted in Navafría, the 20 of January.



The routes that can be done within this truly relaxing landscape and that are an excellent remedy to relieve stress and provide us with greater vitality, are innumerable. As an example we will say that you can make a trip to El pico del Nevero to 2.209 m height and the "Pico de Picardeñas" to 1.850 m These peaks harbor in their northern skirt the unique pine forest of Navafría of great wealth and beauty, with an extension of 4.423 has given economic life to the 18 municipalities that belong to the Community, Villa and Tierra de Pedraza.

Among the outdoor activities that can be done, are: horseback riding, hiking, quads, paintball, cross-country skiing, archery ... The Port of Navafría can be considered, without risk, the most beautiful of those who pass through of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Navafría can be said to be: "The heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama"




20 de Enero

San Sebastián: Since the XIIth century this festival is celebrated in Navafría, with the participation of the whole town. According to the tradition, eight women exercise symbolic military positions to accompany the Saint during the walking tour of the municipality.


5 February

Santa Águeda: Married women celebrate this feast with great rejoicing because, as is known, on this day they exercise the command.


Third Sunday of July

Virgen de las Nieves Pilgrimage: A pilgrimage that takes place high up in the mountains, specifically in the place called Pradera de Navalcollado, where most of the Navafría families come, since it is the only day of the year in which you can access to honor the small image of the Virgen de las Nieves that is enthroned there in a stone niche between the rocks.


2 July

Santa Isabel: Fiesta of local character, in which the town participates. Formerly it was the biggest festival.


10 July

San Cristóbal: It is striking this day the influx of vehicles that are parked in the Plaza Mayor, which is next to the parish church, in order to receive the blessing, before starting the procession of the Saint.


Last Sunday of July

Craft Fair: This fair is sponsored by the "Association of Women of Navafría" within the cultural week that is celebrated prior to the patron saint festivities and organized by the cultural association "Navafría Viva".

It is enlivened by the traditional bagpipe and tamboril music and on this day the women prepare a quantity of handmade sweets that they put on sale with great acceptance by the visitors.


10 August

San Lorenzo: is the patron saint's festival and for five days is celebrated with a profusion of activities: a parade of clubs, a variety of championships, children's games, a costume contest, big evenings by the most relevant orchestras of the moment and as a closing of the same traditional caldereta enlivened with bagpipes and tamboril. During the entire journey that the procession goes through, women and men dance the traditional Segovian jota in honor of the Saint.


Second Sunday of November

Cattle Fair: this annual meeting is organized by the City Council and tries to recover the traditional equine livestock market that in this area represented an important part of forestry activities.

Traditionally the fair serves to mark the end of the season in which the mares have been grazing freely in the mountains of the area since last spring.