From 1086 it was known as "Spiritu" and in 1247 it was renamed "Spiritu de Ruviales" because of its proximity to the village. It was already in the sixteenth century when it acquired the name of Espirdo.

The term is confined to the north by La Higuera and Brieva, the south zone by La Lastrilla, the east zone by Tizneros and the western zone La Mata de Quintanar and Bernuy de Porreros.

What to see

Hermitage of Our Lady of Veladiez

A Romanesque building that preserves the portico with a semicircular arch and a characteristic belfry with two bells. Its small Romanesque nave has a bay window to the west and a cornice of corbels to the north.

St. Peter's Church

Composed by a nave with ashlars stone. It has pentagonal apses with two windows, a cornice and a stone tower, with two bodies, the bell tower. The colt and the volumetric sources are another incentive for the visits of the zone.

Within its Archaeological Inventory we find the Parrales I Site along the path of La Mata, about 150 m, which dates back to prehistoric times. The Deposit of Parrales II of the Late Roman period and that of San Roque of the same period.


The Places of Natural Interest include the Cerro de Castillejo for its residual reliefs and the viewpoint from the top of La Ermita de Veladíez. In recent years it has had a great boom in rural tourism due to its immense tranquility and the natural landscapes that are around it. The Network of Green Corridors has helped to promote eco-tourism routes, in relation to nature, aimed at sports and the contemplation of cultural wealth. Prime the land of the cereal and its plains are wavy. On its banks there are poplars, pines, poplars, ash trees, holm oaks, willows, elms and hawthorns, but without a doubt the most striking species is Populus nigra, recognized as Tree Protection.

Within the fauna include well-known animals such as the hare, quail, partridge or kites.


Our Lady of Veladíez, first Sunday of May.

San Isidro, 15 of May.

San Pedro Apóstol, 29 of June.

Our Lady of the Rosary, second week of September.