Ituero and Lama

Ituero and Lama

In its origins, Ituero and Lama, could be formed with the union of several population centers created during the Middle Ages, in which families from Galicia settled, so the current name of Ituero and Lama would come from two towns: El Caserío de Fituero and Lama.

With 378 inhabitants and located 33 kilometers from the capital in the southwestern quadrant, it is home to two population centers: El Coto de San Isidro and Camping La Cerca Nueva.

What to see

  • Church in honor of Santiago Apóstol: located in calle de la Iglesia. It is a late Gothic building. It has three naves with an octagonal chapel and covered with wooden armor. Inside it has a late Mannerist main altarpiece and a Baroque chapel dedicated to Santa Bárbara, with a Rococo altarpiece from that time.
  • Corral council: located in Travesía Eras. Building at the bottom of recent rehabilitation, old "Corral Concejo". Formerly it is where they kept the animals. Inside is the shoeing colt.
  • Lime oven: located at a height next to the road that goes from Villacastín to Segovia, called “Los Hornos” area. It is restored. It was a symbol of the main economic activity that the town had and is still considered one of the most representative historical witnesses of the town. Made of stone, cylindrical and with a small access door at its base. Granite quarry stone fountain with lintel front. It is calculated that it is older than 100 years.
  • Paredón de Santa Elena: you get there by the road to Monterrubio, which runs along the left side of the Piezga river, you continue along it until you go 1,5km, you cross the river and you go 300 meters ascending a small hill at the top is the hermitage. The masonry and ashlar walls of the hermitage are preserved, which are known as Paredón de Santa Elena.

    Holidays and traditions

    Ituero and Lama patron saint festivities: they are the day of Saint Pentecost (it depends on how Holy Week falls, in May or June). On the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Coto de San Isidro Festivities: the first Saturday in July. It is known as the Friendship party.
  • La Cerca Nueva Camping Festivities: the first Saturday in August.
  • Local festivals: July 25 is San Santiago, patron saint of Ituero and Lama and on December 4 Santa Bárbara, also patron of Ituero and Lama. 


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