Fresneda de Cuéllar

Fresneda de Cuéllar

In this small town of 273 inhabitants, it belongs to one of the sexmos of the community of Villa and Tierra de Cuéllar, and is located 17 km from Cuéllar.


What to see:

Church of Our Lady of the Visitation

It is located in the center of town, next to the town hall. The church was rebuilt after a fire, differentiating one part more modern than another, made with masonry. The tower attached to the church, which is made of brick, stands out. Inside the temple we find various works of art, a chalice, made by a Valladolid goldsmith. The head of the church has a Baroque vault, and the altarpiece of the main altar is also included, with a bas-relief from the s. XVI, and a Romanesque baptismal font.

Hermitage of Our Lady of the Rosary

Outside the town, heading towards the recreational area of ​​Los Pinillos, we find the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, which belongs to the old town of Alcuerna, where the Romans who died in battles during the Empire of Theodosius were buried. the big one.

Alvarado Mill

The Alvarado mill, next to the Pirón river, is a rectangular-plan construction built on two floors, the walls are made of masonry, leaving the carved stone for the corners, openings, and cornices, it dates back to the s. XV-XVII, today it is in ruins. The access area is a semicircular portal, where you can access the premises of the mill. A few years ago liturgical objects related to the Visigothic period (XNUMXth century) appeared next to this place.

Bridge over the Pirón River

Also noteworthy is the bridge over the river Pirón, which is 1 km from the town, and 400 m on the right is the Alvarado mill, going along the road towards Fuente del Olmo de Iscar.

Town hall

In this building we find a clock that says that the machinery is similar to that of the Puerta del Sol.

Holidays and traditions

-It highlights the party in honor of the Lady of the Visit, held the first weekend of July, accompanied by a procession, celebrating the patron saint's day on July 2; also that day a paella is also celebrated, and the Fresne Rock.

-In October the first weekend is celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, with a procession. 

-It also stands out the festival of the chop, celebrated the last Sunday in May, where the residents of this place meet in the area of ​​Los Pinillos.

-It also highlights the carnival bitch on Shrove Tuesday.


-Molino Alvarado: this mill is located just past the Pirón river bridge on the right hand side so you can walk from Los Pinillos to there and vice versa.

-Los Pinillos: it is an area that is accessed on foot from the Alvarado mill, accessed by going along the road towards Fuente el Olmo de Iscar before crossing the bridge of the Pirón river, on the right.

-We also find the area known as Las Pesqueras, which is 4 km from the Alvarado mill and which can be done on foot; there you reach the Pirón dam where there is a rest area. In the same way, next to the church and the cemetery we find a huge park that consists of a fronton, swings and tables to rest, it even has a barbecue.


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