In this small town of 700 inhabitants, it is located 12 km from Íscar, and 14 from Cuéllar, it belongs to the community of Villa y Tierra de Cuellar.

What to see

San Benito Abad Church

Reformed in the s. XVIII, especially the change in the head of the church is appreciated. Surely the church would be medieval, for this reason we find parts that correspond to that stage. It is made up of 3 naves and inside it has 5 altarpieces. We also find a sculpture of San Benito, from the s. XVII and pieces of silver, S. XVII. Open during hours of worship, generally on Sundays at 13:00 p.m. although there may be mass on Fridays.

The temple is accompanied by an emblazoned house, which is located on Iglesia Street. Some say that it could belong to the monks who are dedicated to watching over the church.

Hermitage of San Antonio

This hermitage is far from the town, about 500 meters. It is an austere hermitage, made of stone, and there in its interior is the Virgin of Los Remedios, on an altar. In addition, it is one of the points where the processions pass. Located in the Cañada Arrieros.

Hermitage of the Holy Christ of Agony

It is located inside the town. Located on Calle Real. Inside it preserves an image of the Crucified Christ; It also houses a painting of Saint Anthony, to which the women of the town pray on Tuesday, as it is the novena in honor of said saint, from the weekend until Saint Anthony's day in June; we also find some symbolisms such as the doors divided in two, signifying good and evil.

Old Town of the Villa 

We find a house located in the Plaza Mayor, where you can see a shield belonging to "The gentlemen of the arms of Corral", specifically Luis de Corral, who was mayor of León, who founded the chapel of the church of the Magdalena (Valladolid).

The conservation of a peguera is also striking. This typical semicircular brick construction is where the fish is made, through the mixture of miera, sand or barrujo among other things. Fish is a viscous, resin-like, waterproof substance, used for example for wine vats. It is located behind some houses at the fork of Calle Escuelas and Travesía de San Antonio.

What to do

The residents of this place are used to a walk through the pine forests. You also usually go to Remondo, visit the Alvarado mill, or the Pirón river dam.

There is a park next to the Ermita de Santo Cristo de la Agonía and a small lagoon with ducks and some benches known as the Santo Cristo lagoon. Next to the San Antonio hermitage and the pools we find another large park with some tables.


August 16th. San Roque.

Corpus Christi, after Holy Week.

Semana Santa

The placement of the monument stands out, by the brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament, adorning it with flowers and candles, on Holy Thursday, paying homage to the mayor and the judge who also present the batons.

La Minerva

It is a procession which is celebrated inside the church and is celebrated on the third Sundays of September until June.

Other customs are rolling the egg and the donut, at Easter as in many other towns, or placing May on April 30 for the fifths.

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