Located next to the NVI near the province of Ávila, in the plain of the Voltoya riverbank and crossed by the Adaja river. It belonged to the Community of Villa y Tierra de Arévalo.

Its name refers to its repopulator Don Fierro from the s. XIII, which according to the chronicles was from La Rioja or Basque, although there are remains of occupations in the Chalcolithic era (La Serna site) which is a period after the Neolithic and before the Bronze Age. It is characterized by the use of copper in utensils and weapons, which confirms that these lands have been populated for three thousand years. There were other nearby depopulated areas such as Botalhorno, Salvador de Cuéllar, and other remains in the area of ​​San Julián.

What to see

Parish Church of San Lorenzo. It dates from the XVl century. Typical construction of the area in brick and mud. The exterior stands out for the belfry in two sections with three bells in the lower one. Also noteworthy are the large buttresses at the corners and a granite cross. On the main altar, the images of San Lorenzo, San José and San Isidro.

La Serna site It dates from 2600/1900 BC. Chalcolithic site of Ollar or Cantazorras. The find was made, by chance, a shepherd from this town when he found a grave with the remains of two people in which there was also a rich trousseau with some copper pieces and numerous necklace beads. It was a double tomb, with two skeletons in a supine position, which made it a type of unusual burial site in the Iberian Peninsula during the Copper Age and, even more exceptional in the Northern Plateau, where the burials, in this time, they were made in megalithic tombs or similar monuments.

Holidays and traditions

August 10 San Lorenzo. With festivals, sports activities and games

May 15 San Isidro. Labradors pattern

July 2 Virgin of the Rosary / Pentecost

During Holy Week, Good Friday stands out, when there is a nocturnal procession with the image of the Virgen de la Soledad that is followed by neighbors and visitors with great devotion.

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