Montuenga historically was an independent town. On January 29, 1970, that condition changed and now it is constituted as a minor local entity, becoming part of the municipality of Codorniz. They are separated by about three kilometers.

From Segovia it is located about 50 kilometers. Also 50 kilometers from the historic city of Avila. Due to its proximity to the province of Ávila and, more specifically, to the town of Arévalo, a close link with the lands of Avila is to be expected. From its etymological origin, its relatively elevated position on the adjoining terrain, a hill or mountain, is taken into account. 'Mont' would describe this situation.

What to see

Church of San Bartolomé. It rises on a small elevation of the land at one end of the town. Its location makes it stand out from the rest of the buildings and, from its surroundings. The temple is built in a single nave, built in masonry and brick, a typically Mudejar element. An ultrasemicircular apse stands out from the head. On a wide basement this beautiful brick construction rises. A small frieze separates the blind semicircular arches. It is the most interesting and beautiful part of the exterior of the church. The date of construction of the bell tower is unknown. It was raised on the transept to replace the dome. Bricks are attached to a first body of masonry, reinforcing the corners and the top of the bell tower. The main entrance to the building is covered with a portico in the Baroque style, built after the portal it conceals.

The interior reveals a headboard from which little can be theorized just by looking at the exterior. A surprising and harmonious interior at the same time.

Holidays and traditions

August 24 and 25: San Bartolomé

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