This small town of 347 inhabitants is part of the community of Villa y Tierra de Iscar, specifically it is 20 km from Cuéllar, and 10 km from Iscar. This town is also known as the town where women ruled.

It is a town dedicated mainly to agriculture, with potato, carrot and leek gardens, as well as making use of the pine forests with resin.

What to see

The Church of the Asunción,

Its bell tower built in the s. XVIII, being baroque, like the whole church. The altarpiece of the main altar stands out, which is in the same way Baroque with the carvings of San Juan and San Sebastián. Also striking are the 3 bells located at the top of the tower. Access to the church is during worship hours, on Sundays at 12:00 and sometimes on Wednesday afternoons, although the hours may vary.

Hermitage of Christ of Humilladero

It was rebuilt in the s. XVIII, after the collapse of the previous hermitage. It is located on the outskirts of town, in the cemetery. Inside there is a popular Christ in a baroque altarpiece and an image representing Santa Águeda.


The most important festival is dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua on June 13. The Assumption of the Virgin in August also stands out, although they do not carry out activities

Santa Águeda. February 5th

The May Cross, celebrated on that date or in September

San Isidro Labrador May 15


Silent Processions. It is a tradition with more than 500 years, celebrated in the San Antonio festival. It serves as a souvenir of two towns that disappeared, Sanchisgudo and Aldeanueva. They vowed to venerate San Antonio so that he would free them from all evils, for this reason, due to his disappearance, the residents of said town pay homage by taking their procession to Sanchisgudo, specifically to his church dedicated to San Julián.

Two processions take place. One through the streets of the town. It is usual that the priest does not return from Sanchisgudo with the faithful, but goes ahead of them to reach the Remondo church and, with the image of San Antonio, goes out to receive the participants in the procession. Afterwards, dances and jacks with music.

In this town the brotherhoods existed: De la Cruz, from the s. XVI and the Santísimo Sacramento, brotherhood of the Rosary and brotherhood Dulce Nombre de Jesús, s. XVI, the brotherhood of the Assumption and brotherhood of San Sebastián s. XVII, and the brotherhood of the Renovation of Souls, the brotherhood of Santa Águeda, where its components are women. Today only the brotherhood of the Cross and the brotherhood of Santa Águeda remain.

Paths and places of interest

It is recommended to visit the Pirón river dam, which is located 2 km from Remondo, you can walk or drive. The path that starts from the cemetery begins, there is a small rest area, you can even continue to the Alvarado mill, which is 4 km away. It is not signposted.

You can also take a walk through the pine forests in the direction of Iscar, which is 6 km away, along the Moraleja road. Then, on the road to La Picona, arriving after crossing the road to the Iscar bullring, it is not signposted.

Also the residents of this place make the route from Remondo to Pedrajas de San Esteban and Villaverde de Iscar, the route starts from Remondo, it is a total of 12 km, it is not signposted.


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