Elm de Íscar fountain

Elm de Íscar fountain

 In this place, remains of prehistoric sites have been found. The pine forests of this town stand out, with great productivity.

The town of 89 inhabitants is located 25 km from Cuéllar, 15 km from Iscar, and 8 km from Coca. It belongs to the Community of Villa y Tierra de Iscar.

What to see

Church of San Cristóbal and Parish Museum.  S. XVIII, baroque; the belfry of the church stands out. Inside it houses many figures of saints; Next to the sacristy a parish museum has been created, which preserves some liturgical objects such as chasubles. This church was built replacing the previous one due to its destruction, in addition it was in a place of difficult access and therefore the location of the cult was changed. The building consists of a nave. The church can only be visited during worship hours.

Town hall. He keeps his watch, which is one of the oldest.

Labrador Museum. On the outskirts of town. It is located in a park where different objects used in this trade are exposed in the open air; It is located on the Samboal road that leaves the town. In this one, an old water pump made in Paris to put out fires stands out.


Our Lady of the Assumption. August 15th. It is the most important

San Cristobal. Local festival held around July 10.

They also celebrate Santa Águeda in February, San José on March 19 only the men do the same as the women in Santa Águeda and San Isidro Labrador on May 15, which is accompanied by a novena and just on the 15th the fields are blessed.

Areas of interest

White cotton

Located next to the N-601, we see this lagoon that is 4 km from Olmedo (they are summer lagoons, today they are dry).

Bonbon tree

It is located 3 km from Villaverde de Iscar, going along the Molino road (these are summer lagoons, today they are dry)

Las Pegueras

Rest area that is next to the park known as the museum of the farmer, on the Samboal road; the area has tables to eat, swings and a fronton.


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