Aldehuela del Codonal

Aldehuela del Codonal

Nestled in a plain of the Countryside between Arévalo and Santa María La Real. Pine groves, cereal and vineyards that are part of the DO Rueda. Next to the banks of the Voltoya.

 Population born around the XNUMXth century during the Castilian repopulation after the reconquest. Its first name would refer to its founder, Aldea de Domingo Luarre. Later, due to its proximity to Aldeanueva, it was called Aldehuela because of its small size and Codonal because of the abundance of codons or stones.

What to see

Church of San Miguel Arcángel

Initial Baroque-style parochial church, XNUMXth century, although with numerous later reforms. Built in brick and calicanto. It is very simple and its access doorway and the belfry with the bells stand out.

Inside, its baroque altarpiece stands out with an image of Christ to whom there is great devotion. It seems that it belonged to a hermitage that is currently missing. It is currently in the process of restoration. The original dome has been demolished and the wooden roof is to be replaced.


Next to the Church there is a group of them and another more numerous group in a small height with wooden doors and brick entrances.

Areas of Environmental Interest

-Balsa El Pino. Lagoon with birds located next to the road that goes to Aldehuela. 
-Balsa del Arroyo. Water reservoir that forms a lagoon in the course of the Voltoya. Next to the Hermitage. Sighting of aquatic birds, riverside flora and pine forest. This environment has the road leading to the town of Moraleja de Coca.

What to do 
Hiking routes or BTT

-Route Camino del Moro. Part of the environment of the Hermitage. It goes to the banks of the Voltoya, where the spring of the Fuente de la Virgen is located. There is a small set of cellars excavated near the road dating from the XNUMXth century.

-Cañada Real Leonesa Occidental. Old cattle passage. Sesitua from the main road about 4 km before reaching the town.


August 16 San Roque

December 28 The Holy Innocents

December 31 San Silvestre