Castle of Pedraza

Castle of Pedraza

The medieval village of Pedraza de la Sierra, preserves two castles that will delight you during the visit.

The Castle is located in a large esplanade, of which only the high walls and some other remains are preserved, as well as the Tribute Tower, with three floors and a square shape; It is now owned by the descendants of the painter Ignacio Zuloaga, of which some works are preserved in this tower.

The origins of castles are unknown, as it is one of the oldest in Europe. It was the residence of Abderramán el Grande, as well as the kings of Castile and León during the Middle Ages. The most popular of its legends is associated with the tragic loves of Doña Elvida, Señora del Castillo, and of the monk Roberto who, having loved as teenagers, meet again at the end of the years when the monk is named chaplain of Count Ridoura, husband of Mrs. Elvira.

The Castle has witnessed historical events such as the captivity of the sons of Francisco I of France, taken hostage in the battle of Pavia.

From Pedraza there is a short road to the Castle of Castilnovo, located in a large and wooded park; it has a square floor plan, with a large central courtyard; it has undergone an adequate restoration and today it is property of the Hispano-Mexican Cultural Association, which takes great care of it. It was erected by the Kings of Aragon and later belonged to Don Álvaro de Luna and the Catholic Monarchs.