Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero

Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero

If we go back to the past it is quite probable that the Romans already made wine in this region, to give drink to their legions. Although the moment of history in which began to take rise was the Middle Ages. But really the monastic orders would be the ones that propagated the culture of wine in the Iberian Peninsula and specifically in the region in which we are framed.

A high altitude between 700 and 1000 m, together with a continental climate that is not very rainy and extreme, as well as a characteristic soil in some clayey areas, in other calcareous mixed with sandy areas, make the fruits there bred something exceptional, which makes produce wines with a very marked personality, with intensity of color, delicate and persistent aroma, fruity and long aging. The predominant variety is tempranillo, also admitting in less production varieties cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, malbec, garnacha and albillo .

Currently 270 wineries are hosted by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin, a number that has been multiplied by 20 in recent years, demonstrating with this the good reception and recognition at national and international levels that are reaching their wines.

The DO Ribera del Duero is divided between the provinces of Burgos, Valladolid, Soria and Segovia. In our province there are only two, the wineries that are part of this denomination: Bodegas Severino Sanz, in Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela and Bodega Aldekoa, Pérez Veros Wines, in Aldehorno.

Bodegas Severino Sanz _ From 2010

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Ribera del Duero O.D.

Location / Location:

  • C / Reguero, s / n 40542 MontejodelaVegadelaSerrezuela_http: // 863m
  • A 103 km from Segovia _
  • A 149 km from Madrid _

Contacts: Tlfs. 609 207 755 / 94 465 96 59 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 14
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 35.000 bottles
  • Wines / Trademarks:
    • Murón 2010
    • Two eses 2011
    • Murón especial 2010, red
    • Alma de Severino 2011, tear drop pink

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact / Minimum visit 10 people / Restaurant for 40 pax / Tasting courses / Parking for 30 vehicles / Visits in English / Tasting room for 40 pax / Visits in vintages / Visits to the vineyard

Other services: Visits to an old underground cellar and a projection on oenological culture. Price of the visits: With wine tasting and aperitif: * Adults (18 to 60 years): 9 € * Minors (0 to 18 years): 4 € * Older than 60 years: 6 € With wine tasting, appetizer and menu tasting (lamb and salad): 25 € per person

Brief History

Bodega Severino Sanz is a winery dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of wine as well as the promotion of oenological culture.

It is located in Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, municipality that has an area of ​​27,85 km2 with a population of 171 inhabitants, being one of the two wineries in Segovia with Designation of Origin Ribera de Duero.

It is a family winery worked by the Sanz brothers, who chose for their winery the name of their father: Severino Sanz. Highlights the combination of the traditional with the modern when it comes to making wine.

It consists of some 14 ha of tempranillo vines, some of which are centenarian.

Their wines are: Dos Eses and Alma de Severino (rosados), and red wines: Murón y Lerencia de Llanomin Gómez.

Aldekoa Winery, Pérez Veros Wines _ From 2006

Location / Location:

  • Camino de la Vega, s / n. Polygon 4 - Plot 130-133 40533 Aldehorno _ Altitude: 957 m
  • A 86 km from Segovia _
  • A 150 km from Madrid _

Contacts: Tlfs. 921 063 051 / 659 486 032 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 16
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 100.000 bottles
  • Wines / Trademarks:
    • Tinto Reserva Number One by Pérez Veros
    • Rosado Pérez Veros
    • Tinto Roble Pérez Veros
    • Tinto Joven Pérez Veros
    • Tinto Crianza Pérez Veros

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact / Without limit of people / Tasting courses / Parking / Tasting room for 25 pax / Visits in grape vintages without tasting / Visits to the vineyard

Brief History

The Bodega Aldekoa begins its journey in the 2006 year with an exploitation close to the 30 hectares of vineyard, and the "Pérez Veros" brand will be the one with which its wines go out to the market. A commitment of young winemakers, the Pérez Veros brothers, to exploit and offer to the world what others have taken as their own, entrepreneurs who seek to offer originality and new sensations within this world.

The winery is located in the Ribera del Duero, specifically in the municipality of Aldehorno, a town with a long wine tradition and strong roots in the wine culture, north of the province of Segovia, on the border with Burgos, being the first Segovian winery with this Denomination.