Ossian Vines and Wines

Ossian Vines and Wines

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Rueda Wines O.D.

Location / Location:

  • C / SanMarcos, 5 40447 Nieva_Altitud: 844m
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Contacts: Tlfs. 983 878 020 / 921 46 1 119 (commercial) 983 878 022 Fax This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 30
  • Age of the vineyards: between 100 and 200 years
  • Types of grapes: 100% Verdejo own
  • Type of barrels: French oak
  • Annual production: 150.000 bottles
  • Wines / Trademarks / Online Store:
    • Quintaluna
    • Ossian
    • Capital

Wine tourism: Only specialized visits in the sector, after contact

Brief History

The project comes from some absolutely exceptional vineyards: 30ha of extremely old vineyard, between 100 and 200 years old. Pre-phylloxera vineyard, located in the sandy terroirs, characteristic of this Segovian area, which did not allow the advance of phylloxera. 100% Verdejo, in free standing, without grafting, providing very small clusters, with tiny berries and of a very high quality. The typology of the soils is complemented by areas of old river terraces and unique plots of slate, from which Ossian Capitel was born, providing an exceptional maturation of the grape.

These vineyards enjoy the highest altitude of the entire DO Rueda, a decisive factor in determining a peculiar climate, favoring the highest quality, causing very important day / night thermal oscillations and delaying the date of the harvest.

For Ossian there is the conviction that to make a great wine it is essential to start from the best raw material, always betting on the application of Ecological Agriculture techniques, called by themselves 'Logical Agriculture', which excludes the use of chemical synthesis products , using only organic fertilizers and natural products obtained from plant extracts such as chamomile, sage, yarrow, nettle ... etc.

The vineyards are worked on the basis of organic farming from the year 1998 and from the year 2001 with official certificate. Both the cultivation of the grapes and the wines that leave the winery are supervised and controlled by the Council of Organic Agriculture of Castilla y León, being the oldest ecological vineyard registered and certified in the DO Rueda.

The elaboration of the wines is complemented with a careful and peculiar elaboration system, always looking for the respect for the raw material, putting emphasis in each and every one of the processes in search of the maximum quality, attributing to these wines a singular differentiation.

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