Navaltallar Wineries

Navaltallar Wineries

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Valtiendas O.D.

Location / Location:

  • C / Calvario, s / n 40331 Navalilla_http: // 895m
  • A 58 km from Segovia _
  • A 148 km from Madrid _

Contacts: Tlfs. 638 050 061 / 669 484 377 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /


  • Hectares of own vineyard: 8.5
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 30.000 bottles
  • Wines / Trademarks:
    • Navaltallar Pink 2011
    • Navaltallar Joven 2011
    • Navaltallar Oak 8 2010
    • Navaltallar Oak 16 2009

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact / Tasting courses / Tasting room for 14 pax / Parking, 20 tourisms or two buses / Visits in English, French and Portuguese / Visits to the vineyard

Other services: Sale and delivery at home in Madrid and surroundings

Brief History

Bodegas Navaltallar was born in 2003, fruit of the interest of Romualdo Maldonado and his family to recover the winemaking tradition in the town of Navalilla, where according to the chronicles of Castile, King Alfonso VII, promoter of the Community of Villa and Tierra de Sepúlveda, sent look for wine in the dawn of the twelfth century. The viticultural activity remained in the area until the 60 decade of the last century when, because of the phylloxera, it had to be removed from the vineyard.

Navaltallar has managed to recover 10 has vineyard from the more than 300 that existed in the term. Since then the production has been growing until reaching the 40.000 kg per year. From a unique combination of climate and soil, it guides its entire production process to the quality of its Tempranillo-based varietals.

Narrow plantation frames in combination with the vigor of the vineyard give rise to clusters of small berries and thick skins. Later, green pruning eliminates up to 60% of the fruit load until it is 4.000 kg per hectare.

An adequate control of water stress, the late (late October) and selective harvest of slightly over-ripened grapes, end up creating an original product of great structure but without excessive alcoholic strength (13o). In the winery, the processes of maceration, fermentation, stabilization and aging are oriented to the maximum extraction of aroma, flavor and color of its 100% tempranillo grape.

Cold maceration and fermentation are carried out in steel tanks of 10.000 liters, with controlled temperature and constant overpumping, with which maximum extraction is achieved from the grape's original potential. Stabilization, also in steel tanks, lasts several months and in any case cold processes that damage the structure of the wine are avoided. The aging takes place in American and French barrels with an appropriate combination of new wood and second and third vintages.

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