Finca Cárdaba Winery

Finca Cárdaba Winery

Origin Denomination or equivalent: Valtiendas / Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León O.D.

Location / Location:

  • CotodeCárdaba, s / n 40314 Pecharromán-Valtiendas_http: // 854m
  • A 76 km from Segovia _
  • A 170 km from Madrid _

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  • Hectares of own vineyard: 30
  • Type of grape: Tempranillo
  • Annual production: 100.000 bottles / 80-90.000 liters Wines /
  • Trademarks:
    • Finca Cárdaba
    • Viña Sancha
    • Domain Carmen

Wine tourism: Visits + tasting, previous contact / Unlimited people / 6 € tasting of two wines and aperitif / Accommodation and restaurant under construction / Tasting courses / Parking / Visits in English and French / Tasting room for 50 people / Visits in vintages / Visits to the vineyard

Other services: Visits to the hermitage that is at the foot of the vineyard, inside the farm. Previous reservation.


The Finca Cárdaba Winery was born in 1997 by the Sancha de Frutos brothers, united to continue the winemaking tradition that its father already exercised in the 60 years.

To the south of the town of Sacramenia, in the province of Segovia, the Coto de Cárdaba is located, where the church of the former priory of Santa María de Cárdaba is conserved. The first historical data in which the church appears, date from the year 937, when the Count of Castile, Fernán González, and his wife Doña Sancha, donated the church of Santa María de Cárdaba to the Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza.

Like all priorates, he dedicated himself to the exploitation of the lands. Among the crops was that of the vine, as evidenced by the accounts of the monastery in the year 1337-1338. The annual production of the vineyard reached the 100 cantaras de vino. But a century later, the situation was unfortunate in Santa María de Cárdaba. Only two monks and a few vassals lived in El Coto. The abbot lived many kilometers away, in the land of Burgos Arlanza. For this reason a barter was made in the year 1488, between the priory of Arlanza and the Monastery of Sacramenia, being commendatory abbot of Sacramenia don Juan de Acebes: "Santa Maria de Cárdaba, it was like a preserve in farm regime of the Cistercian Monastery , with civil and criminal jurisdiction, as a sign of which it had gallows within its term, and under the justice of the "Mayor" of the farm ".

After the confiscation of Mendizábal in the 1835 year, the reserve became a private property.

Bodega Finca Cárdaba owns 30 hectares, located in the Coto de Cárdaba, where its vineyards have an altitude of 830 m and a southerly orientation, unbeatable for the cultivation of the vine because of its great exposure to the sun. To produce wines of the highest quality, they start with their own grapes and a good variety of grapes that adapt to the climatology of the area, in order to achieve their perfect adaptation to the clay-calcareous terroir, and to extract the full potential of the fruit.