Carnival Sunday, Tuesday parade, Wednesday's sardine funeral and comparsas contest are some of the most characteristic events.


Feast of Santa Águeda - Zamarramala

Declared of National Tourist Interest.

As usual for more than 774 years and following tradition, the Sunday following the February 5, women send for a day in Zamarramala.


5 Days of El Dorado

It's the Piglet Party. The party around the product par excellence of Segovian cuisine. The restaurants integrated in the Guarantee Mark "Cochinillo de Segovia" reward the loyalty of their clients, putting during these days the ration of piglet at half price.


Days of the Lechazo de Sacramenia

Maribel Grill Restaurant. Tel - 921 441 141


Gastronomic Days of the Melanosporum Truffle (February / March)

The restaurant Maracaibo offers these days a menu in which the truffle is the main protagonist.

Monumental Race City of Segovia

Take a tour through history through its cobbled streets, buildings and historical monuments.