San Frutos

The 24 and 25 days of October are dedicated to celebrate San Frutos, the Holy Hermit, the patron saint of Segovia. At the 12 of the night of the 24 day, the patron Saint "passes the leaf of the book of life" between the eyes of his special devotees. It is the book that holds in its hands the image of San Frutos, which is in the niche above the door that bears his name in the Cathedral of Segovia. Later the cooks offer some succulent and typical garlic soups of Santo. On the morning of the 25, the Villancico a San Frutos, an old composition from the 15th century, is performed in the Cathedral. XIX for choir and small orchestra performed by professional and amateur musicians who gather and rehearse each year to pay tribute to their patron. Exhibition of songbirds, mushrooms collected by mycologists, parades of giants and big heads, etc. accompany the day. The Plaza Mayor centers most of the acts. Also typical is the tasting of the "San Frutos cakes" that are made only for this holiday.

Days of Contemporary Music

These days bring together relevant figures from the international scene with music formed in Segovia and integrated into symphonic orchestras from different European countries.

Film Series Europa Convive

In this cycle, the different cultures that coexist in Europe unite.

Tapas-Peketapas and Cocktails by Segovia

Contest of tapas in capital and province, in the adhered establishments.

Gastronomic Rice Days

Mushroom Days