CANTALEJO (50 km) Half Marathon

It is celebrated the second weekend of October.

CARBONERO EL MAYOR (26 km) Intercultural Fair

Every year there is a country that is the protagonist and throughout the day it is about the guest country and the neighbors of Carbonero el Mayor, getting to know each other better through culture, gastronomy and way of life.

CARRASCAL DE RÍO (55 km) Pilgrimage of San Frutos

The 25 of October is celebrated in the hermitage of San Frutos, which is located in the Natural Park of the Hoces del río Duratón.
This landscape of large cut and gorges pierced by gullies and old caves houses the largest colony of vultures in Spain.
The hermitage is in the vertex of a sickle suspended more than 100 meters, on which lived San Frutos, the patron saint of Segovia, protector of the birds. The October 25 the pilgrims arrive at the hermitage and take the Saint in procession, preceded by the dulzaina and the tamboril, accompanied by a large number of dancers. At three o'clock in the afternoon, people gather to enjoy a great lunch based on grilled meat. Another of the curious rites of this pilgrimage is "to go through the stone of the Saint", a miraculous rock in the shape of a rectangle placed under the altar, for which it is crawled through a very narrow passage lit by a candle and is thus surrounded by three Sometimes the stone. Later the party in Burgomillodo continues.

CUELLAR (60 km)
Resin Fair

Demonstrations of the resin office, tents with products and information, games, food and drink, raffles, etc.

Ecological Market

It has an important number of booths that offer all kinds of organic foods in the San Francisco Walks.

Medieval Zombie

Hundreds of contestants arriving from different parts of the geography, try to survive the hordes of zombies that invade the historic center of Cuéllar, in this role-playing game that is celebrated on Halloween night.

Cycle of Social Cinema "Health"

Screening of social-themed films related to the field of health.

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Road Runner March

March mountain bike throughout the province.

EL ESPINAR (32 km) Horse Fair

Returning to an ancient tradition of horse fair, this initiative is born again with several events around the horse and a multisectorial fair.

Mycological Days

They are celebrated the third weekend of October. Conferences, exhibitions, mushroom picking, guided tours ... all related to the world of mushrooms.

Hand Ball Festival

It has various parties both schools and professionals. The event is part of the calendar of the Handball Federation of Castilla y León.

Autumn at Casa de las Flores (October / November)

Classical music concert series at Casa de las Flores.

Short Film Festival

PEDRAZA (37 km) Short Story Contest

RIAZA (74 km) Sport in Family

Family duathlon

SAN CRISTÓBAL DE SEGOVIA (3 km) Tapas Competition