City of Segovia

City of Segovia

City of Segovia


Diversity Music Festival (April, May and June)

Concerts in open air stages with groups of young musicians from all over Spain (trova, author, jazz, heavy metal, rock ...).

  • City Hall - Culture. Artilugio Productions. - Tel. 921 466 706


Microteatro de la Cárcel (from May to October)

The cells of the old Segovian jail building currently converted into LA JAIL. CENTRO DE CREACIÓN, are transformed into tiny theaters in which actresses and actors of the first row represent works expressly made for this format. The experience brings together many spectators who can enjoy up to six different functions, lasting approximately fifteen minutes, in a single afternoon.


Pure theater

Also in the old prison, but in this case in the Sala Expresa 1, the cycle called Puro Teatro is celebrated, which brings to the city works of maximum relevance.


Go to Fresco (July, August, September and October)

Small format concerts that are celebrated in all the terraces of the city and of all styles. This makes the ritual of quietly drinking a coffee or a drink while enjoying the coolness of the Segovian night even more pleasant.

  • City Hall - Culture. Artilugio Productions. - Tel. 921 466 706




Pedestrian Racing Circuit

  • Town hall. - Tel. 921 462 912 / 10 Federation of Incorporated Neighborhoods of Segovia.