Gastronomic days

Gastronomic days

Jornadas Gastronómicas de Segovia


Finding Mushrooms ("Buscasetas" - November)

It is celebrated in several restaurants in the province. Initiative of the Castilian-Leonese delegation of the Eurotoques Association of Chefs.


Coca - Gastronomic Days "12 Months 12 Tapas 12 Wines"

It is celebrated one weekend a month.

CIT Coca - City of Cauca @citcoca. 

Tapas in Castilla y León

Organized by the Hospitality Associations of Castilla y León.


Food Trucks (May)


Gastronomic Days "Cooking Cheeses from Castilla y León" (April)

They are celebrated in several restaurants in the province.


Stew Days (January, February and March)

Several restaurants in the Northeast of Segovia offer delicious menus made with the best products of the region.


La Lastrilla - Gastronomic Festival of the Slaughter of the Pig (from October to March)

Nava de la Asunción - Nava Tapas

Tapas contest for the different bars and restaurants of the town, which is celebrated in one of the bridges of the year. 


Ortigosa del Monte - Gastronomic Festival of La Matanza (January, February, March and April)


Palazuelos de Eresma - Gastronomic Days of Asturian Cuisine

Santana Hotel cook durenta these days dishes from Asturias, one of the most attractive regions at the gastronomic level. 


Cooking Week and Young Cooks (no specific date)