Carrera Madrid - Segovia Camino de Santiago

Carrera Madrid - Segovia with end in the Aqueduct that crosses the Madrid and Segovia slopes of the sierra with an unparalleled route.


AYLLÓN (94 km) Sierra de Ayllón Cycle Tour

Beautiful tour through the Sierra de Ayllón with a very limited number of participants.

EL ESPINAR (32 km) Popular Race Villa de El Espinar

Popular race with an approximate length of 15 kilometers between asphalt and roads.

RIAZA (74 km)

Ascent to the Quesera

It is celebrated on the following Saturday at the 8 in September.

Popular career

SAN RAFAEL (32 km) Pinares Cup

Base football cup with local and regional teams such as Real Madrid, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia, etc.