International Fair of Rural Women Fair Pronatura

In this fair rural women from several countries participate with exhibitors of handmade products.

  • Federation of Rural Women FEMUR. www.femur.es - Tel. 921 123 010 / 921 123 006



CABEZUELA (48 km) Crafts Fair

Artisan producers, children's workshops, exhibitions, etc.


FIELD OF CUÉLLAR (61 km) Ecological Fair

Workshops, product fair, children's games, live music, etc.

Fair of Regional Exhibitions

It aims to strengthen the name and image of the Northeast Region of


CHATUN (58 km)
Book Fair

It is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month in the place of the hermitage of San Benito de Gallegos. It is a full-time activity, from the 12,00 h to the 20,30 h, in which there is a shared reading inside the historicist hermitage, gathering with local writer, storytellers, popular food, children's workshops, theater and awards ceremony of the Literary Contest.

  • San Benito de Gallegos Cultural Association. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 628 160 720

CUELLAR (60 km)

Book Fair "Villa de Cuéllar"

The last weekend, booksellers from all over Spain gather in the surroundings of the former church of San Francisco, where conferences, debates and book presentations take place.

  • Town hall. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 921 140 014

Fair of Equality

Activities are carried out for equality for the little ones such as storytellers, gymkana, an alternative market with handicraft and gastronomy stands, etc., in the San Francisco Walks.

LA GRANJA DE SAN ILDEFONSO (11 km) Baroque market

Historical market set in the s. XVIII in which street shows encourage participation and complicity with the public. Artists and craftsmen perform their works live before the presence of characters with costumes of the time. Likewise, other activities are carried out such as the photo contest.