AGUILAFUENTE (35 km) Synodal

The first weekend of August is the cultural week of the Synodal of Aguilafuente. In it, the residents of the town remember the event that took place in the church of Santa María (1472): the celebration of a synod called by the Segovian bishop Juan Arias Dávila, whose minutes gave rise to a great milestone, the publication of the Synodal de Aguilafuente, the first book printed in Spain. This relevant religious event is celebrated with diverse cultural activities such as dances and dances, exhibitions, music, workshops and fun theatrical performances.

LA GRANJA DE SAN ILDEFONSO (11 km) Sargentada from La Granja

Representation of the event of the Rebellion of the Sergeants in 1836.

  • Society of Friends of Valsaín, La Granja and its surroundings, Castellarnau.



The Imp

Declared Traditional Manifestation of Cultural Interest

Each 23 of August, the eve of San Bartolomé, commemorates the victory of the Saint over the Devil. At 22,00 at nightfall, the imps come out of the flames and run after the crowd, that's when tradition and magic describe a special night for everyone. After this unique celebration, attendees can enjoy a glass of lemonade and dance to the music of the Sepulveda charanga "Tocoyó".


Celebrations of the Bulls. Infant enclosures

The last weekend is celebrated in the town the Fiestas de los Toros. Dance, rocks and enjoy where among many other things, highlights the tour of rocks and two enclosures. On the one hand, the traditional enclosures that cross the street Barbacana and in which the waiters run the cattle that will be fought in the afternoon in the bullring. On the other hand, the Infantile Enclosures, the oldest in Spain, that every day of parties make the journey of Barbacana street in order to entertain the little ones.

  • City Council, Association of Peñas y Vecinos de Sepúlveda. - Tel. 921 540 000


Feast of San Justo

This traditional celebration takes place on the afternoon of the 5 in August. After the religious acts, in Barbacana street next to the Ecce Homo arch, the Arco de la Villa association organizes games for the youngest and afterwards lemonade and buns are invited. The celebration is enlivened by the Musical Association of Sepúlveda.


The Virgin of the Pucherillas

Each 15 from August to the 22,00 h after singing La Salve in the Pucherillas neighborhood, lemonade, pastries and music accompany this celebration in which the "Virgen de las Pucherillas" is worshiped, next to the Puerta del Río, in the neighborhood of San Esteban.