Offering of Fruits to the Virgin of Fuencisla

It is celebrated on the last Friday of September in the Cathedral of Segovia.

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409


Welcome to the Virgen de la Fuencisla

Performance by the Cultural Association La Esteva dance group to receive the patron saint of Segovia, upon her arrival at the Plaza Mayor to celebrate the Novenario in the Cathedral.



CUELLAR (60 km) Feast of "El Herrarillo"

It is celebrated the weekend after the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Henar in the prairie of the sanctuary. There is music, country food and stalls selling artisan products.


EL ESPINAR (32 km) Festivity of the Teo

It celebrates the second Saturday of holidays and attracts every year a large number of visitors in the bullring, where around a large bonfire people dance, sing and have fun.


SANTA MARÍA LA REAL DE NIEVA (32 km) Feast of the Virgin of the Soterraña

Declared Traditional Manifestation of Cultural Interest

Start with ringing of bells and firing of rockets; the traditional dance of the witches is another of the most marked moments. Offer of candles: in this curious procession the offering of enormous candles is made, representing the four main streets, carried on litter by two young people dressed in typical costume.


VALTIENDAS (73 km) Harvest Festival

  • Valtiendas Town Council and Valtiendas Quality Wine DO - Tel. 921 527 353