MUSEG - Musical Festival of Segovia

MUSEG is the evolution of the Segovia Festival. It is projected in this new stage as a reference musical event that is aimed at a broad, young and specialized audience, with an eclectic, attractive and top quality programming. It is also positioned as a space that combines art and sustainability, contributing to the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marked on the UN's 2030 Agenda.

International Folk Festival "La Esteva"

It takes place during the second week of the month in the Plaza del Azoguejo, with the participation of four international groups, one national, one regional, one provincial and the host group of Segovia "La Esteva".

  • Cultural Association dance group "La Esteva". - Tel. 609 922 409


Concentrate the most varied shows and activities for adults and children, turning the park of Nueva Segovia into a bustling meeting point for hundreds of children, in an authentic family party.


AYLLÓN (94 km) Fogo Rock Festival

It is a rock music festival with national musical references, which is celebrated on the last Friday of the month.

CUELLAR (60 km)


It is celebrated in the Patio de Armas del Castillo and in it national dance groups perform every Saturday of the month of July.

"So Sing the Corals"

The courtyard of the Castle becomes a luxury stage every Saturday of the month, to host choral performances nationwide.

EL ESPINAR (32 km) Concert Series of the El Espinar Music Band

FUENTREREBOLLO (55 km) Folklore Festival "Serafín Vaquerizo"

Folklore festival in which groups of dances, paloteos, dulzainas ...

LA GRANJA DE SAN ILDEFONSO (11 km) International Festival Magic Nights of La Granja

  • The Festival includes:
    • Festival Nights of the Real Site. Classical Music Concerts
    • La Granjazz Festival Jazz Festival
    • International Festival of Magic

  • Real Tourism Site of San Ildefonso. - Tel. 921 473 953

(14 km) Morcillarock Festival

PEDRAZA (37 km) Concerts of the Velas de Pedraza

The first two Saturdays of the month are celebrated. The villa is illuminated with thousands of candles that each of Pedraza's neighbors places in their homes, commercial establishments and monuments, turning the streets of the town into a unique spectacle, which precedes the celebration of concerts.

RIAZA (74 km)
Huercasa Country Festival

A musical event that offers the opportunity to see top artists of the national and international music scene.

Sacred Colors Festival

The Soirées

SAN RAFAEL (32 km) Contest of Dulzainas

SEPÚLVEDA (59 km) Contest of Jacks

  • Group of dances Virgen de la Peña and City Hall. - Tel. 921 540 000

VALLELADO (73 km) Garlic Folkloric Festival

Around this much appreciated product, garlic, which is produced in this land of pine forests, annually holds a festival of popular music and dance.

VILLACASTÍN (35 km) International Folk Festival

Music and dance festival that brings together groups internationally.