The church of San Nicolás (home of the Municipal Theater Workshop) hosts this jazz festival. It is about recitals that have the presence of consecrated artists, who act in an intimate and warm atmosphere, as befits this type of music and that propitiates the stage of the church of San Nicolás, which provides recollection and a special magic.

Anniversary Agapito Marazuela

Acting tribute to the folklorist teacher in the statue of the Plaza del Socorro.

Santa Cecilia Children's Piano Award

It is celebrated the last weekend of November and is sponsored by the Don Juan de Borbón Foundation. The public that attends the Auditorium of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Segovia, enjoys for two days listening to the pieces that the young pianists of different countries interpret.


LA GRANJA DE SAN ILDEFONSO (11 km) Autumn in the House of Flowers

Classical music concert series at Casa de las Flores.

SAN PEDRO DE GAÍLLOS (45 km) Autumn Cycle

Dulzaineros, semblanza and repertoire.