Throughout the year

Throughout the year




Explore the historical artistic heritage of your locality This project aims to revalue, among the neighbors of the participating localities, the nearby real estate.

Little Explorers

Didactic walks in itineraries of botanical and scenic interest. It is about creating, in the environment of the participating villages, an itinerary to be taken with the family, accessible both by distance and difficulty, calling attention to elements of the landscape that make it especially attractive: flora, fauna, geology, views, human interventions, etc. The itineraries are marked with an initial panel and some signposts. The town halls will have a leaflet-guide of the explanatory path of the points of greatest interest and will carry out guided walks in the fall.

Gil de Biedma Award for Poetry

The Diputación de Segovia, in collaboration with the City Council of Segovia and the Editorial Visor, organizes annually the poetry prize Jaime Gil de Biedma. The award pays tribute to the work of this great poet, whose origins and biography are closely linked to the Segovian town of Nava de la Asunción.

Project "One"

It consists in facilitating to segovian artists who so wish, the exhibition of a work of their choice, in the lobby of the building that houses the seat of the Diputación de Segovia


Activities in the Antonio Machado House Museum

At specific moments throughout the year, different activities are programmed in the house where the poet lived in Segovia.

Cycle of Activities in the Jewish Quarter of Segovia (from March to December)

Through workshops, talks, guided tours, film screenings,

Flea markets ... the dynamisation of the old Jewish district is sought.

Heritage Sundays (from April to November)

This activity aims to show the lesser-known patrimonial heritage of our city and seeks a double excellence in programming: excellence of the place and excellence of the guide, the rapporteur of it. It will contribute to broadening our knowledge of the city and at the same time, respect and care towards this heritage that identifies us as Segovians and that future generations will continue to discover and enjoy.


Course of History of Segovia of the Academy of San Quirce

Series of lectures on Segovia.

"Four Seasons, Four Expressions"

Exhibition of cultural shows (music, circus, theater and magic) linked to the natural and patrimonial wealth (in its four seasons) of the Northeast of Segovia.
- Musical Fragrances for Spring

- A Summer of Circus

- Autumn Tints for the Theater

- A Magical Winter

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