CHATUN (58 km) Pilgrimage of San Benito de Gallegos

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CUELLAR (60 km) Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Henar

It is celebrated on the Sunday before San Mateo, being one of the most popular pilgrimages of our autonomous community. The pilgrims gather around the prairie of the sanctuary, accompanying the processions with dulzainas and segovian jotas.

EL ESPINAR (32 km)
Pilgrimage in honor of the Cristo del Caloco

Declared of Regional Tourist Interest

From 1977, there is the procession with the image on the shoulders, tasting of caldereta and dances to the sound of "La Respingona" before returning to the town.


REQUIRED (30 km) Pilgrimage of the Virgin of Las Vegas

It is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month. The hermitage of the Virgin of Las Vegas, patron of the Community of Villa and Tierra de Pedraza, stands on what was a Roman settlement and in the s. IV Paleo-Christian mausoleum. Data from s. XIII and in it it is said that the seven infants of Lara were baptized.

RIAZA (74 km) Romería de Hontanares

Declared of Regional Tourist Interest

It is celebrated the following Sunday at the 8 in September. After the religious acts there is a rural pilgrimage in which during the afternoon, popular dances are celebrated, highlighting the jotas contests and dances of the country.