Roast suckling pig in the segovian style

Roast suckling pig in the segovian style

Recipe for 6 rations


  • 1 suckling pig Segovia Guarantee Mark of 4,5 kg - 6,5 kg
  • Water
  • Buy
  • Fresh pork lard
  • Gorda


We have 1 suckling pig from Segovia between 4,5 kg and 6,5 kg. Have the Segovia Guarantee Mark, clean and open in half, from the head to the tail.

In raw, the skin is punctured in a distributed way, with this we will achieve that the skin does not bulge.

Salt is added to all the suckling pig, oil in the ribs and the butter is spread on the skin.

We put it in the oven tray upside down, that is, with the skin facing up. Water is poured into the tray to create more sauce and it is placed in the oven at about 180-190º a few 2h and a half until it is well browned.