Sirloin of wild boar in reduction of sweet wine Pedro Ximénez

Sirloin of wild boar in reduction of sweet wine Pedro Ximénez

Recipe for 4 rations


  • 200 gr of wild boar sirloin
  • Sweet wine
  • Pedro Ximénez (a small glass)
  • 1 kg of boar bones
  • Red onions
  • Manzana 1
  • Pasta brick
  • Rosemary
  • Butter
  • Cornstarch
  • Mango


Prepare the bottom by putting the bones of the boar with two whole onions and water in the oven for half an hour at the temperature of 200º. When they are roasted we put them in a casserole and flambé with cognac, adding 2 l of water and put to cook during 1 / 2 h.

Prepare the sauce by putting half a finely chopped onion, with a little butter in a pan, when the onion is poached, add a glass of Pedro Ximénez, let it cook until you release the alcohol and add a glass of what we have prepared. To this, add cornstarch dissolved in water. We let cook everything during 5 min approximately and when it is a little thick, we strain the sauce with a fine or Chinese sieve. We clean the fat sirloin and we mark a little done, then add the reduction.

For your garnish, put a little butter in a pan, peel the apple, cut it into taquitos and pochamos a moment. Add the red wine (a glass) with two tablespoons of sugar and let cook 10 min. The pasta brick is filled with mango and fry in a frying pan or fryer.

The sirloin in sauce served with this garnish, sprinkled with rosemary.