Tourist card "Casa del Águila Imperial"

Tourist card "Casa del Águila Imperial"


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The old Church of San Miguel, located in the town of Pedraza, now houses the Imperia Eagle Thematic Center or Imperial Eagle House. This church was restored with care to preserve the Romanesque ashlars, as well as adapted to the environment, improving the access road for public use of the thematic center.

Thus, the center has three different zones for the exhibition:

  1. Villa and Tierra de Pedraza, where a space has been dedicated to make known the cultural resources of Pedraza.
  2. 2000 Natura Network, divided into Natura 200 Network throughout Europe, in Castilla y León and, finally, in Segovia.
  3. The imperial eagle, an area in which the forms of observation and study are shown, the phases of its evolution and interactive games to learn in a more fun way the way of life of this species. In addition, it has an audiovisual room where it is possible to see the different dangers, threats and possible recoveries of this great animal.

Casa del guila Imperial Jardines San Miguel