The Alcazar exceeds its visitor record

The Alcazar exceeds its visitor record

The Alcazar has broken its record of influx of tourists in August with 84.251 visitors, compared to the 78.925 of the same month last year which, to date, had been the month with the highest number of visitors. Indicating data 6,75% growth in that month, as indicated by the Board of Trustees of the fortress in a press release.

To date, 2018 had been the summer period with the highest number of registered visitors in the Alcazar of Segovia, with 204.705 visitors during the months of June, July and August. However, this record has been broken again this summer, since a total of 220.768 people have visited the monument in the last three months; that is, 16.063 people more than on the same dates of the previous year. Which indicates a growth of 7,28% compared to visitors of the same months of 2018.

In total from the 2 of January to the 31 of August 515.245 tourists have visited the Alcazar, 59.790 more than last year, which represents an annual growth of more than 13%.

Regarding the percentage of influx by nationality, it should be noted that, throughout this year, national tourists remain the 69,61% of the total; followed by those from the United States, which constitute 3,28% of visitors; and those from China, which already reach 2,86%.

The sharp increase in Asian tourism continues to be noticed in visitors to the fortress. In the first eight months of 2019 the sum of Asian tourists from China, South Korea and Japan constitute 5,43%, with a total of 2.782 tourists.

The Patronage of the Alcazar of Segovia continues working to offer the visitor continuous improvements, both in the different services within the Alcazar, and in the accesses to the monument.