Extension of the night visit to the Cathedral tower for another month

Extension of the night visit to the Cathedral tower for another month

The night visit to the tower can be enjoyed another month by Segovians and visitors after its extension has been approved until Sunday 27 of October. Offered from last May every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 21: 30, factors such as the number of visitors, the great acceptance and maintenance of the “summer” schedule to the temple complex until October -09: 00 a 21: 30- have made its expansion possible.

In total, in the first four months -from May to August- 2.156 people have climbed the tower on the night guided tour, which includes the four regular stops -Audiovisual Room, House of the Bellboy, Clock Room and Bell Tower- in addition to a later tour through the interior of the fully illuminated temple. With a limited capacity to 45, the visits have been completed at 91%, a fact that corroborates the very high influx, especially in August, when most of the days have been fully booked through the website.

In relation to the profile of the visitor, national tourism stands out and a very considerable assistance of Segovians who have seen in this initiative a different attraction to get to know their city better with family and friends, apart from a novel plan for the weekend.

The next 2020 is expected to repeat this visit that involves admiring Segovia completely illuminated from the highest viewpoint of the city and an alternative option of knowing the Christian sense of the temple and the importance of its tower at a social and religious level.

All the information about the schedules of day and night shifts, in addition to the reservation, can be found on the official website of the temple