The Tower of the Cathedral celebrates 5 years touching the 147.000 visits

The Tower of the Cathedral celebrates 5 years touching the 147.000 visits

This Thursday 3 of October marks the V Anniversary of the opening of the tower to Segovians and visitors. The total number of people who have enjoyed one of the guided tours amounts to 146.986, an amount that has been increasing progressively year after year. Of the 2.949 visitors during the first three months of opening in 2014, the 16.633 of 2015, 19.385 in 2016 and 27.470 in 2017 were passed. 41.286 was recorded last year, an absolute record but this 2019 will be broken for sure since the number of people who have climbed the tower in the day and night guided tours has risen to 39.263 until September.

That the tower of the Cathedral has become a claim and attraction for Segovians and national and international tourists is due to the main role played by the official guides of the temple and the periodic improvement and extension of schedules, as of audiovisual services offered. And it is that only three day shifts in 2014 have been passed in 2019 to seven during the “summer time” that runs from April to October, plus the night guided tour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 21: 30 May to October.

At the same time that the guided tour of the tower was consolidated and the visitors increased, the Cabildo has made improvements in the four levels or stops of the tour: Audiovisual Room, House of the Bellboy, Salt of the Clock and Bell Tower. In the Audiovisual Room, from the first day of opening, a projector was installed that this May was replaced by a surround video mapping with recreations in 3D, unique in terms of technology in religious spaces nationwide and that takes visitors to know The temple and its history in an entertaining way. In the Casa del Campanero and Sala del Reloj, different information panels were also installed on the natural disasters that have affected the temple and, finally, the bells underwent restoration in September of 2017.

The general balance of these five years is positive, both for the favorable opinions of visitors and their number. In the coming months, work is already being done to improve the service both at the language level and in the number of shifts, paying great attention to the night visits that have been a success in the five months since its launch in May.

New brochures for the tower and acts of the V Anniversary

On the occasion of these first five years of opening of the tower, this October 3 launches a series of new brochures in Spanish, English and Chinese that have a uniform design and will serve to promote guided tours among all those who attend Segovia The aim of launching brochures in Chinese is to inform the thousands of visitors from this Asian country in their language, as well as in English, a help for non-Spanish-speaking tourists to know the possibility of climbing to the highest viewpoint of the city.

In addition, on the occasion of this V Anniversary, a series of events organized by the Cabildo were presented last September, ranging from theatrical visits to a photo contest. The 3 and 4 of October the theatrical visit “A day in the tower of the Cathedral” will transfer the attendees to the first years of its construction through two passes that were completed a few hours after its launch.

Alongside this theatrical visit, two conferences have been organized to take place in the Chapter Hall with free admission until capacity is reached. The first of these bears the title “The voices of the city” and will be the next 10 of October at 19: 30 taught by Professor Emeritus in History of the UCM, Luis Arranz Márquez, who will talk about the role of watches and bells at the civil and religious level and advanced the Middle Ages.

The second and, last, "The towers and bell towers of the province of Segovia", will be in charge of the Official Chronicler of Segovia, José Antonio Ruiz Hernando, on Tuesday 15 of October at 19: 30 where he will analyze the artistic and technical aspects of the numerous towers and bell towers that the province possesses and that date from different eras and styles.

The II Photo Contest "The Night of the Lady" completes the events. Since its launch, dozens of users have uploaded numerous photos of the Cathedral both inside and outside, by day and night. Of all the received ones, the jury formed by two professional photographers of Segovia, has selected 15 winners that this Saturday 5 of October will be able to enjoy a sunset from the highest point of the tower, the octagon and eight balls, along with guests and accounts friends of the Cathedral of Segovia.

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