Researchers from the Roman world of the province meet in Segovia

Researchers from the Roman world of the province meet in Segovia

Segovia will host on October 17 and 18 a scientific meeting in which different teams that have carried out research work in the province on the Roman world will have the opportunity to exchange information and knowledge. An occasion to also open new channels for future research.

The Classical Archaeological Meeting is the result of the collaboration of the City Council of the capital, the Provincial Council, the Museum of Segovia, the UNED and the association of Friends of the Museum of Segovia.

For two days, the research treaties carried out on the Roman era that have contributed to a better knowledge of Segovia and also those aspects still open to the study that reach and are executed in our days such as the works in the Alcazar or those of the Wall will be gathered North, linked to its restoration.

In addition, the conference will provide information so far unpublished. For example, the origin of the stones of the Aqueduct will be announced.

The investigations on the Roman antiquity, to extend the archaeological knowledge, allows to compose a historical and more complete vision of the past of Segovia and contributes to understand its present.

The conference will begin on Thursday 17 of October at 9.30 hours in the auditorium of the Museum of Segovia. The morning will end at 13.45 hours with a colloquium. The afternoon session will begin at 17.30 hours in the Reading House.

On Friday, 18, at 9.30 hours the conference will be transferred to the plenary hall of the Diputación and in the afternoon, from 17.15 hours the presentations will begin in the Vicerrector Santiago Hidalgo building.

The Classical Archaeological Meeting in Segovia is open to the general public.