The San Benito de Gallegos Association raises cultural outings this month

The San Benito de Gallegos Association raises cultural outings this month

The residents of El Carracillo do not cease their activity thanks to all the proposals that the Cultural Association San Benitos de Gallegos is raising with as much enthusiasm as success.

Apart from those organized for November, the residents of El Carracillo will make this weekend a trip to Hayedo de la Pedrosa, from Riofrío de Riaza to Puerto de la Pesquera. The route, of low difficulty, will serve the neighbors to spend a Sunday in the rich nature of the province. This is the hiking proposal to end October, but November comes full of cultural initiatives. The exit raised to the Circus of the Sun show, 'Kooza', has exceeded all the forecasts of the association of San Benito, Gente Festeamus and Teatro Zereia, collaborating entities in the organization. What started with filling the bus has managed to complete four, some 205 squares of neighbors who will go to Madrid and join with more registered there; In total, some 250 people who will attend the world-famous show thanks to the organization of the association on Sunday 24 in November. The plan also completes a cultural afternoon with a first-time activity and leisure time until show time.

On the other hand, the association has another exit prepared for the November 9, prior to that of Circo del Sol and also focused on the performing arts. This is an exit to the XXII Provincial Theater Show of Segovia, specifically to enjoy the play 'The cat on the zinc roof' at the Juan Bravo Theater in the capital of Segovia. For this activity it is still possible to register in the association's telephone, 628 160 720.


Undoubtedly, the function performed by the San Benito de Gallegos Cultural Association is worthy of recognition. Through their multiple activities they are mobilizing more and more public, always with the goal of bringing culture to all the neighbors, jumping the barriers of the rural. So much so that since the association's board of directors ensure that its growth has been very remarkable this year. Since the celebration of the Pilgrimage at the end of September, more than 50 members have joined, and throughout this 2019, in total, around 80.

The partners are increasing and with it the activity of the Association, which with pleasure is already preparing the following proposals. They continue taking forward their theater workshop for teenagers, in the absence of the latest additions to be able to get a group of ten people forward and begin the November 8. For those interested, all the information is available on the association's telephone. In addition, they are already specifying the details for the mycological days, waiting to set day.

The cultural group of San Benito continues its laudable work, moving ten populations and an entire region eager for culture, sport and any proposal