Diputación and City Council of Turégano sign the agreement for the restoration of the castle

Diputación and City Council of Turégano sign the agreement for the restoration of the castle

The president of the Diputación, Miguel Ángel de Vicente and the mayor of Turégano, Juan Montes, have signed a collaboration agreement through which the provincial institution will subsidize the Tureganense consistory with 150.000 euros to contribute to the restoration work that they are being carried out in the castle of the Villa, National Monument declared of Cultural Interest in 1931, to improve its accessibility.

The project is a fundamental part of the Strategic Plan for the Architectural Valuation and cultural revitalization of the City Council, and its objective is that Turégano has as soon as possible the minimum and essential spaces necessary to receive the reception of visitors to the town, establish a meeting point with the population and develop cultural or academic activities capable of awakening the application of the inhabitants towards their own heritage. Therefore, the intervention focuses on solving those aspects that will allow its correct use and assessment as a new visitor reception center and meeting point for the development of cultural initiatives, making it necessary to improve accessibility, eliminating architectural barriers, but also the adaptation of spaces or the incorporation of toilets, now non-existent. All this will make it possible, in addition, that the environment of the castle be valued and access to it is improved.

The project budget exceeds one million euros and the 50% will be financed by the Ministry of Development under the cultural 1,5%. In addition, of the 150.000 euros that the Diputación de Segovia has committed to the signing of this agreement, the Junta de Castilla y León will contribute 250.000 euros and the City Council will finance the part of the work that is not subsidized by other Public Administrations.

The Diputación and the municipality of Tureganense already signed a collaboration agreement in November, thanks to which the origins and characteristics of the fortress temple continued to be investigated. The signed agreement entailed the contribution of 2018 euros from the provincial institution to the consistory, which were used to prepare a study to catalog the composition of the castle walls in order to date their different.