Only Segovia improved in September the number of travelers and overnight stays

Only Segovia improved in September the number of travelers and overnight stays

September has not been a particularly good month for hotel establishments in the Community. The closing of the summer has left this year worse figures than those registered in the same period of 2018 in most provinces of Castilla y León, according to the latest 'Hotel Occupancy Survey' of the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Only Segovia has been able to increase the number of travelers and overnight stays a year ago; with percentages, in addition, very prominent, which show the enormous attraction that province and capital have for tourists.

In total, during the month of September, 50.921 people stayed at hotels in the Segovian territory, an 8,61% more than in the same month as 2018. Ávila and Burgos are, with much more discrete increases - of 1,74% and 2,89% respectively -, the other two only provinces with positive records in this section.

Regarding overnight stays, the establishments in the province accounted for 86.249 hotel nights in September, an 1,06% more than in the past year on the same dates. The Segovia data is the second best of all the provinces of the Community, only behind the 1,97% increase registered by Palencia.

In both cases, both in the annual variation of travelers and overnight stays, the Segovia data exceeds not only those of the regional average but also the national average, practically unchanged with respect to the 2018 figures.

Much of the blame was the significant increase in foreign visitors. Up to 12.755 foreign travelers stayed at hotels in the province last month, an 24,43% more than the previous record. This also meant an increase in the number of overnight stays by tourists from other countries by 13,78%.

However, and although the main indexes of the survey conducted by the National Institute of Statistics are positive in the province, September also left some negative notes for the sector. The average stay that travelers made in Segovia establishments was significantly reduced, going from 1,82 nights - which represented the best data in all of Castilla y León - to 1,69 - which leaves the province in fifth place of this index.

Segovia capital

The hotel occupancy data for September in the capital leave figures in line with those of the rest of the Segovian territory.

The number of travelers increased in the ninth month of the year by 7,56%, to the 30.340 visitors. It should be noted, as in the case of the province, the significant increase in the number of foreign tourists, which accounted for almost a third of the total - an 23% more than last September.

Overnight stays registered hardly any differences compared to those registered in 2018. The 51.580 hotel nights that travelers spent in the establishments of the capital only represented an increase of 0,22%. By otrIn addition, the decrease in the length of the average stay was less pronounced in the capital, also going from 1,82 nights in 2018 to 1,70 last month.