Culture works to tender for two years cinema in Cuéllar

Culture works to tender for two years cinema in Cuéllar

The Councilor for Culture, Maite Sánchez, has responded to all those interested in cinema in the town of Cuéllar, who in recent years has had this service during the winter in the Alfonsa de la Torre cultural hall.

The mayor explained that she continues to work to tender the tender, and expects it to be ready for it later this November or early December. This tender will include two years of contracting to avoid these stoppages in the cultural offer to the residents of Cuéllar. The objective is that the cinema is something more stable, and that is why we want to extend the contract. Sánchez says that the bureaucracy in this field is complex and that it must be specific to comply with the legislation also imposed by the General Society of Authors.

The tender will include in the specifications that the complete service is being drafted, in addition to two years, continued, to be able to offer summer cinema in outdoor spaces as it has been doing for years.

CINECLUB The Councilor for Culture also advanced that she intends to create a cineclub for all kinds of public fond of this art. In this space it has the objective of including short films, original version cinema and not-so-commercial cinema, to accommodate all genres and bring it closer to the population, which does demand these alternatives in addition to the latest releases. With all this, the goal is to provide Cuéllar with a movie service that avoids transfers to all citizens who want to enjoy it, as well as fill the cultural hall with activity, which these months, until the cinema is a reality, will have theater and concerts, among other proposals.

YOUNG DISCOUNT The Councilor for Culture also explained that you want to think about the young public and its economy. Therefore, tickets that are not sold, the last ten minutes before the show will have a reduced price for young people under 25 years. In this way, and understanding the purchasing power of youth in general, it is intended to encourage this sector to attend the theater, whether it be cinema or other shows. The price has not yet been decided, but it will be significantly reduced.

With these measures, the cinema will return to the villa in the coming weeks to become again the leisure alternative for the hard winter days in Cuéllar, combined with the rest of the proposals that the Department already prepares.