The entrance to the Esteban Vicente de Segovia Museum will be free from January

The entrance to the Esteban Vicente de Segovia Museum will be free from January

The president of the Diputación de Segovia and president of the Museum Consortium 'Esteban Vicente', advanced today, that access to this center of contemporary art will be free from the 17 of January of 2020, as confirmed by the extraordinary plenary held yesterday, whose cost will be borne by 'The Harriet and Esteban Foundation'. The January 17 will also start the new project, financed throughout the legislature by the Diputación, 'Semillero del arte', with the Alamo artist José María Yagüe.

Miguel Ángel de Vicente specified that access to the 'Esteban Vicente' Museum will be totally free for groups, families and for individual visitors. A proposal that received the support of the employers, as in its day by the management of the art gallery, which converged on the concept of "public responsibility" by those who manage public resources to return them to society with the implementation of " policies for social groups ”.

The president of the Museum 'Esteban Vicente' argued that it is necessary to facilitate access “to one of the cultural containers par excellence” of the province of Segovia since an entrance, with a large or small amount usually deter people from there the measure to start the 17 of January of 2020, the free access.

De Vicente explained that the museum will have a budget of 538.000 euros for 2020, with expanded contributions by the provincial institution itself with 18.000 euros for the project 'Semillero del arte', which will be scheduled throughout the legislature, and the implication ' The Harriet and Esteban Foundation ', through brothers Andrew and Jennifer, who committed 50.000 dollars for fixed expenses, as well as assume the loss of income due to the free access to the museum.

The president of the Diputación also explained that the New York foundation, which highlighted his willingness to start a new collaborative stage with the museum, assumes extraordinary contributions to carry out exhibition projects to “provide content to the museum” and will send them the proposals for the renewal of digital content and other marketing proposals, in which they were very interested.

Miguel Ángel de Vicente said that the board also approved the continuity of the educational and training program of 'Esteban Vicente' to be enjoyed free of charge by education professionals and by the hundreds of schoolchildren who are “visitors to the tomorrow ”so that they consider the museum as“ something of their own ”.

New Stage

Those responsible for 'The Harriet and Esteban Foundation' will receive the detailed project of the scholarship project, which remains “black on white”, as noted by the conservative director of the 'Esteban Vicente', Ana Doldán, in terms of duration and release date. The idea to financially support foreign researchers and Segovians who are interested in delving into the figure and work of the painter of Turégano, both to come to Segovia and move to the United States, where Vicente developed his career.

De Vicente said that all these projects, as well as him aimed at changing the image of the museum, digital conversion and new marketing ideas will be assumed by the new vice president of the Museum 'Esteban Vicente' and second vice president of the Diputación de Segovia, Sara Dueñas. For his part, Ana Doldán described yesterday's plenary session as “memorable” for the turn of relations, after five complicated years with the different representatives of 'The Harriet and Esteban Foundation', and from now on they will work together in “ the scattered ”catalog of the work Vicente.

Seedbed of Art

The president of the Diputación was very satisfied with the start of the same 17 of January of the cultural project for the entire current term 'Semillero del arte', within the line of work of supporting local artistic and cultural talent, and that for these artists the 'Esteban Vicente' is 2a space of opportunities ”. A program that will be coordinated by the curator, art critic and writer, José María Parreño, who was also director and deputy director of the Segovian museum.

Ana Doldán explained that it will be a specific space in the 5 Room, on the top floor, where in addition to the final works, attention will be given to everything that has to do “with the creative process”, where “the seedbed of art” is forged , the tests until the final work is done.

The first guest will be the Collaran artist, based in Íscar (Valladolid), José María Yagüe Manzanares with the exhibition 'The flat mountain. The enchanted region ', dedicated to the Land of Pinares, which will be until the 7 of June of 2020 and will be accompanied by a parallel program of activities to “delve into that creative process”.

The director of the museum remarked that they fulfill Esteban Vicente's desire to share his space with “his colleagues” to give visibility to contemporary art and culture. For the summer, another great exhibition is prepared there with Vicente's work with “another great artist” and, facing the end of 2020, another exhibition focused more on “collective and thematic” research.