III Gastronomic Conference Guarantee Mark “Judión de La Granja” 2019

III Gastronomic Conference Guarantee Mark “Judión de La Granja” 2019

The Judión de la Granja Guarantee Mark reaches the 15.000 counter label as a special figure in the distribution of the gastronomic product par excellence of the Royal Site, with the celebration of the third edition of the “Gastronomic Days” to be held from 3 to December 9 .

With the newly harvested 2019 crop, the Guarantee Mark “Judión de La Granja” begins its fifth year of commercialization with a quality label reaching the 15.000 vitola, with which a differentiated authenticity is exposed in the market, which makes the JUDION unique DE LA GRANJA, with respect to all imported national varieties and substitutes that are passed on and fraudulently use the name, of one of the best-known legumes in the province.

With this common objective, the City Council of the Royal Site of San Ildefonso and the Association "Guardian of the Judgment of La Granja", celebrate from the 3 to the 9 of December, the III GASTRONOMIC DAYS, where the Guarantee Mark is promoted, raises consumption and knowledge of the native variety and the excellence of its differential qualities.

In addition, try to encourage and stimulate the cultivation in the Province, fill the restaurants registered in the Guarantee Mark to taste the best 2019 harvest, and that consumers acquire that harvest at the registered points of sale.

Within the program of events of the Gastronomic Days, the “Best 2019 Harvest Contest” stands out, which aims to boost and reward the effort made by the gardeners of the “Judión de La Granja” for more than 6 months of cultivation, which perpetuate a tradition and an identity that have passed from generation to generation.

The Contest will take place at the “Madrid” Restaurant, where its splendid cook Susana will prepare the participating samples with the objective that the Tasting Committee can establish the final classification of each sample and reward, within excellence, the best of the present harvest 2019.

This best 2019 crop will be present from the 6 to the December 9, only in the restaurants and outlets registered in the Guarantee Mark that can be found on the following website:

The award ceremony for the “BEST 2019 HARVEST” will be held on DECEMBER 4 WEDNESDAY, together with the delivery of the “JUDION GUARANTEE OF THE 2019 FARM” PRIZE, which aims to boost the synergies and positive effects of the actions carried out, recognizing the dedication effort and the innovative capacity of any type of entity or person that have an impact on the development of the Guarantee Mark “Judión de La Granja”.

Previously on TUESDAY 3 OF DECEMBER, students between 8 and 9 years of “CEIP LA PRADERA” will visit the “Food Technology Innovation Center of“ Kitchen of Ideas in Nature ”for an EXCHANGE OF DIDACTIC AND FOOD EXPERIENCES.

In this kitchen center, students will know first-hand the mixture of tradition with innovation, know-how and creativity of technologists and chefs like Rubén Arnanz, to look for the best daily recipe, using only natural ingredients.

The acts of the III GASTRONOMIC DAYS will conclude with a SOLIDARITY JUDIARY MARK OF WARRANTY IN BENEFIT OF ADISIL, with date still to be specified.

For only 5 euros you can taste the true and unique “Judión de La Granja”, that of the Guarantee Mark.

40 kilos of La Granja Judiones, provided by the Association "Guardian of La Granja Judión" will be cooked by the Association of Cooks of Segovia in collaboration with the City Council of Segovia, which will have the necessary means for the event to take place.

All proceeds will be destined for the benefit of ADISIL.