Take flight (balloon)

Take flight (balloon)

The possibility of doing tourist activities returns with phase 1. The owner of the balloon flight company 'Always in the clouds', Cristian Viosca, stressed that they have noticed the desire of people to participate and leave, always asking for all the sanitary measures. For the first weekend of June, they launched their first three options to fly over Segovia, Toledo and Aranjuez (Madrid). Participants in these flights must be from the province itself.

“We go from 100 to zero in an instant, from one day to the next. The tourist activity stopped completely and for us it was a very serious stick because we came from a growing tourism situation, from a planning period, from new projects ”, summarizes Cristian Viosca.

With the entry of the entire province of Segovia in phase 1, the "end of the tunnel" begins to be seen and the desire of people to do things again is more than evident, the desire to leave. "This change is quite positive," said the head of 'Always in the clouds', making it clear that "it is not easy to return."

On their website and social media profiles they were explaining to their potential clients how the situation was and now that it is possible to schedule and offer events they launched three flights that are, according to Viosca, "in the process of completing the minimum groups", since only a maximum of ten people are allowed during phase 1.

The balloons of 'Always in the clouds' will see the cities of Segovia, Toledo and Aranjuez (Madrid) with a bird's eye view. The members of this aerial adventure must be from these same provinces since vice-provincial movements are not yet possible. At the moment, the response is being positive.

For Cristian Viosca in his sector, as has happened in many others, there are "many generic regulations but very few specific ones" on the part of the administrations, in addition to missing the balloon manufacturers to "get more wet", noting that they opted for take into account and adopt one hundred percent all the tourist, health and aeronautical guidelines, since it should not be forgotten that their work material "does not cease to be aircraft and must follow all the laws of navigation and air safety".

Issues that carry many complications that they have been overcoming and facing to return to their activity with all guarantees. "Another measure that we have implemented is that all passengers have to sign a document to ensure that they have had no symptoms from COVID-19 in recent days," he said. The company will be given a sanitary 'kit' with a mask, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel.

A new protocol that will accompany all activities and events offered by all active and leisure tourism companies, to cover all health needs but always, Viosca insisted, "respecting and maintaining the fun and playful part" of undertake a balloon trip.

Common protocol

The owner of 'Always in the clouds' emphasized the collaboration of companies in this sector, which are clearly competitive, but “it is common for there to be a close relationship, that we know each other well, we are friends and we even share free time and the holidays". The result of this close collaboration is how the elaboration and drafting of the protocol that they have sent to the Aviation Safety Agency and to the tourism organizations emerged.

“We understand that it has served to let them know that we are doing things the right way and collaborating as much as possible because not all companies are the same size and have the same problems. Collaborating a lot to get ahead ”, he remarked, a path that begins to clear with the possibility of starting again, since everyone's feeling is more or less the same,“ you have to push forward and overcome all the obstacles that Sometimes there are many but there is no other because it is what we have had to live. "

Appointment for 2021

In collaboration with the Segovia Tourism Area, 'Always in the Clouds' launched the Accessible Hot Air Balloon Festival 'Ciudad de Segovia', which this year started its third edition but took a break. "We did not know when the state of alarm would end, we were not clear about anything and it was difficult to have the participations, the interested public, the sponsors with this uncertainty. The most reasonable thing was to postpone, let 2020 pass and return in 2021 ', declared Cristian Viosca.

The organizer of this festival remarked that there were many participants who were pending until the end but right now they also have to face many doubts about the future of their own businesses. "Everything is going to have to be retaken and you have to take advantage of every business opportunity to get ahead", he explained, it will not be so feasible to have a weekend to enjoy his passion from the point of view of competition and fun .

Viosca also pointed out that they had 50 percent of foreign pilots for this III Accessible Balloon Festival in Segovia. The illusion is still intact and they are looking forward to coming next year, keeping their registration.