The Royal Glass Factory of La Granja reopens its store

The Royal Glass Factory of La Granja reopens its store

On Tuesday the museum will do it. The historic building adjusts its offer to the security measures and gauging allowed in phase 1

Coinciding with the day of San Fernando, date indicated in the festive calendar of La Granja (Segovia), the Royal Glass Factory reopens its doors today with the intention of continuing to offer visitors the legacy of its history and the good work of its artisans, with a reduced schedule from 10.00 to 15.00. In addition, on Tuesday June 2 the museum will do it, with the same hours.

With the arrival of phase 1, a new stage begins in which the Royal Glass Factory wants to re-emerge to give the best of its human team. The store reopens this weekend, with reduced hours from 10.00:15.00 to 2:XNUMX, closing its doors on Mondays. The Glass Museum, another of the pillars of this building, will receive visitors again on Tuesday, June XNUMX with the same hours.

From the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja they explained that the reopening of the store and the museum occurs after the implementation of all the sanitary protocols required by the central government, which guarantee the safety of workers and visitors. Throughout the more than 16.000 square meters of the museum's area that can be visited, a reduced capacity of one-third is marked during phase 1, which will be expanded as progress is made in the subsequent de-escalation phases.

Following the recommendations of the Government, the museum is periodically cleaned and disinfected, with the necessary care towards surfaces with historical or artistic value. On the other hand, and to guarantee the safety of workers and visitors, there is an alteration of routes, entrances and exits are ordered and the exclusion of rooms that do not allow maintaining the minimum safety distance. The visits will be free, not guided, while didactic workshops and other cultural activities will be activated later depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

Another of the established measures is a waiting system at the access with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with the 2-meter safety distance. Finally, the museum and store staff will be protected with methacrylate or glass partitions, disinfecting solutions, masks and gloves. The masks will be compulsory for visitors, those over 60 years of age will have priority and for visitors registered in the province of Segovia, a reduced rate of 50 percent will apply and residents of the municipality will be able to enter for free.

During the visit you can see the permanent exhibitions on glass techniques, La Granja glass, Maumejean stained glass, Central European glass, and contemporary glass, in addition to the temporary exhibition by Toni Zuccheri, which lasts until the end of August. The visitor will be able to admire both the glass blowing technique and the carving technique.

Throughout the confinement, the doors of the factory were virtually opened through the #CulturaADomicilio campaign, to discover this singular building through brief and interesting stories, anecdotes and events that occurred within its walls during its almost three centuries of history and even know some of their techniques.

Source: The Day of Segovia