Businessmen of the Hoces del Riaza value the area

Businessmen of the Hoces del Riaza value the area

Industrialists in the region create an association to enhance and boost their tourist attractions

The Association of Entrepreneurs of the Hoces del Riaza is born, a new group that has emerged in the northeast of the province, with the aim of putting in value the natural, historical, gastronomic and cultural heritage of this region, one of the most unpopulated and less known of Segovia, although with a rich tourist potential. Miguel Antonio Cámara is the president of the association, which integrates restaurateurs like him, and producers of wine, craft beer, honey, sheep and cheese, among others.

In January of this year they were launched after drawing up the statutes of the association last year. The coronavirus crisis has affected them enormously, since they have had to paralyze, for the moment, all the activities they had planned, to begin to make themselves known. But the enthusiasm and the desire to work are maintained and they want to energize the area, with new producers and entrepreneurs, who show their initiatives and projects in a wonderful environment. Undoubtedly, being in the Ribera de Duero Denomination of Origin area is an advantage, and thanks, for example, to the wine routes organized by the Denomination, establishments attached to them, such as the La Serrezuela restaurant, which runs Miguel Cámara, are known in Spain, especially with visitors from Madrid, as well as abroad, with tourists from the United States, Switzerland, Germany or France, and for years they have received many visits, attracted by the gastronomic and natural benefits that it offers. this region.

The president insists that they want to open the market and expand their area of ​​influence, placing their area of ​​influence between towns, such as Maderuelo, from Segovia, to Milagros in Burgos, throughout the area of ​​Hoces del Riaza.

These entrepreneurs are strongly committed to the products of the area in which they are located and for what they can offer to the thousands of people who already visit them, and they advocate that these visits be longer. In this sense, Miguel Cámara, whose establishment is located in Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, affirms that in this town there is only one rural accommodation, so it is time to activate the sector.

They are aware that this year they will live on national tourism, due to the pandemic, but even so, they want people to come and know the area and give them the best services, because there is plenty of potential. "We know that everything is to be done, but we want to strengthen producers and value the heritage of this area," explains the president of the new association.

For this year they planned to organize different activities, such as a market for local products, musical concerts, wine and beer tastings, ..., but the Covid-19 has made these initiatives unfeasible. Although, Miguel Cámara points out that perhaps they can hold a talk about what the sheep sector brings to the environment. The idea was to also carry out other events related to the world of the sheep, but finally he will stay for a talk, which in all probability will be on August 30.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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