Riaza, the first 'Family-Friendly' destination in Spain

Riaza, the first 'Family-Friendly' destination in Spain

The Segovian town reaches the highest vote as the best rural vacation spot in 2020

Riaza occupies the first position with the highest number of votes from families as the best passage to stay on holidays in rural surroundings in an initiative of the online platform Vrbo, specialized in vacation rental for this tourism sector.

The northern town of Segovia received 33% of the votes, among more than 8.800 families. The indicators considered fundamental for the choice of the holiday destination have been the security of the area, a variety of natural and cultural activities, an environment of interest and culture, areas accessible to children and, in turn, guided activities towards them and a wide variety of catering services.

Riaza meets these requirements ahead of Cazorla (Jaén), Albarracín (Teruel) and Morella (Castellón). Among the natural activities in the area, you can tour the Riaza river and as for activities of interest is a visit to its Plaza Mayor to discover its magic and typical houses such as the manor houses built in the eighteenth century. This space becomes a festive place during the year, running of the bulls, a cut-out contest, dances, popular festivals and other events that take place regularly throughout the year.

A few kilometers away, you can also enjoy recreational places for family fun, such as the place of Hontanares, where the richness of nature in this area of ​​the province is added to the fact that it is the point of celebration of a pilgrimage that is Regional Tourist Interest.

For lovers of mountains and sports in contact with nature, the La Pinilla ski resort or the Sierra de Ayllón are enclaves that have great natural resources.

The Riaza region stands out for its great fauna, formed by numerous individuals from the main edges of the animal kingdom. This great wealth of biodiversity is due to the good state of conservation of the natural environment, so it is not unusual to see the animal that stands out the most for its macroscopic size, the wild boar, in addition to the fox or roe deer and privileged little birds. Common for their vulnerability such as the white stork that lives in the area throughout the year or the cuckoo.

María Caridad Berzal, councilor of the Riaza City Council has been proud of this first classification obtained, since the town is a leading destination for family tourism because children can enjoy the 'El Rasero' park, with its various attractions and good condition of the nature. In addition, the arrival of tourists from Madrid who spend the day there to eat and visit the area makes Riaza soak up the fresh air with a contagious effect on other families wanting to know the region.

"Riaza is accessible for tourism, it is easy to get to because it is one hour from Madrid," says Berzal.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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