Castilla y León promotes safe tourism

Castilla y León promotes safe tourism

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Javier Ortega Álvarez, the President of the Spanish Hotel Business Confederation, José Luis Yzuel Sanz, and the President of the Hotel and Tourism Business Confederation of Castilla y León, Angel Blasco Hernández, have signed Today an agreement for the promotion of safe and trustworthy tourism, through the coexistence of the 'Trusted Tourism' stamps, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and 'Safe Hospitality', promoted by the Hospitality Business Confederation from Spain.

The counselor has pointed out that this agreement, an example of public-private collaboration, responds to one of the demands of the sector at a particularly difficult time for him, such as the need to generate trust in hospitality establishments and in tourist activity in general . For this reason, the signing of this agreement supposes the promotion of safe tourism in Castilla y León, in addition to contributing to a safe reopening of hospitality establishments and transferring confidence to consumers about their safety.

The Castilla y León tourist trust seal is a key quality promotional and distinctive element, since, as a consequence of the health crisis, there are elements that have become more prominent in the promotional strategy, such as sustainability, tranquility, security, or the non-overcrowding. For the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, all these elements are what Castilla y León should project. The tourism promotion campaign 'Castilla y León. Inspires' and both stamps' Confidence Tourism 'and' Safe Hospitality ': “They convey the image of a Community rich in culture, gastronomy, quality wines, in historic cities, in natural spaces… and in turn, an image of Safe community, an ideal Community for the way of understanding leisure and the way of sharing time and spaces that this crisis leaves us ”, assured the counselor.

Ortega Álvarez has also highlighted that one of the pillars of the agreement signed today is training, since through the mutual recognition of these stamps, an entire online training package is made available to the sector to identify and analyze the risks inherent in its establishments, as well as to implement the best practices in the service, in its facilities and with the staff.

Source: Segoviaudaz