Segovia, 'Without going any further'

Segovia, 'Without going any further'

Personalities of art and sports linked to Segovia, such as the actress Lucía Jiménez, endorse the motto of the Provincial Council and support the tourism sector of the province.

Reinventing tourism has been the maxim chosen by the Segovia Provincial Council since Covid-19 threatened to destroy the province's main economic and employment engine and, in recent days, encouraged by Prodestur, the institution's Tourism body provincial, there have been several personalities of art and sports linked to our land who have wanted to support this reinvention of the promotional mechanisms of the sector and send messages to their followers so that they do not miss the opportunity to visit the province.

Emphasizing the slogans 'Without going further, province of Segovia' and 'Province of Segovia, naturally', chosen by the provincial institution for the advertising campaigns of these months, these public figures have recorded, in videos of just thirty seconds, messages that the Provincial Council of Segovia and Prodestur will launch on their different social media profiles in order to attract the interest and attention of travelers and tourists of all ages from all over Spain. "We hope that, encouraged by their artistic, musical or sports references, many people will bet to spend one, two or three days discovering our province," says the deputy of the Area, Magdalena Rodríguez, who emphasizes that "it is about of well-known characters who, in addition, keep a strong bond with Segovia, because they were born here or because they have been living in our towns for years, which gives credibility to their words and their invitation to discover our cultural, natural or gastronomic heritage ”. This, underlines the deputy, strengthens the media impact that the photos or videos shared by well-known faces on their social networks already have when they visit Segovia.

The videos of this initiative, which will be broadcast on a weekly basis, will begin with the participation of the Segovian actress, Lucía Jiménez, who made her film debut by David Trueba in 1996 with 'The Good Life' and is currently installed on Antena 3 after-dinner as part of the cast of the hit series 'Amar es para siempre'. The actress, who highlights the province as a place where plans abound at different times of the year, will be the first of a series of public personalities that will be revealed as the weeks go by.

"We would love for both Segovians and all the people who visit our province these days to record themselves publicizing the beauty and heritage of our peoples on their social networks, thus encouraging everyone to visit us," he added. the deputy, who encourages the sharing of those videos, mentioning the Provincial Council, under the hashtags # SinIrMásLejos, #Naturalmente and #ProvinciaDeSegovia, and recalls that the 'ReinvenTa' plan of 'Segovia, REactiva province' continues, with the bonuses' Reinvent your holidays' as the main claim of travelers.

Source: The Adelantado de Segovia

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