The Provincial Council strengthens the work of the official guides of the province with the tourist initiative 'Viajero, yo te teaching Segovia'

The Provincial Council strengthens the work of the official guides of the province with the tourist initiative 'Viajero, yo te teaching Segovia'

The House of the Seal, headquarters of the office of the Tourism body of the Provincial Council, Prodestur, has hosted this morning the presentation of the initiative 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia', a proposal that, as announced by Deputy Magdalena Rodríguez, "treats to promote and value the work of the official guides of the province, who are good connoisseurs of the secrets of our land and who are officially qualified to show them to us ".

The Provincial Council strengthens the work of the official guides of the province with the tourist initiative 'Viajero, yo te teaching Segovia'
At his side appeared, precisely, one of these guides, Eva Torres de Frutos, who thanked the project launched by the provincial institution at a time when the tourism sector has been seriously hit by the health crisis, affecting, with it to the work and billing of these guides.

For this reason, the Provincial Council has wanted to set up a calendar of fourteen routes that, from next Saturday, September 12, until December 19, will serve to show Segovians and foreigners the lands of Romanesque and churra sheep, the transition between Medieval and Neoclassical, the lands between pine forests, medieval architecture and nature, the town and land of Cuéllar or the Segovian mountains, among other areas. The historical, archaeological, monumental, landscape or museum resources of these places will be some of the aspects addressed by the guides in these guided tours, which will begin at 11:00 am and will last for a little over two hours. "To the objective of making known, from the hand of experts, the heritage of the towns through which the routes travel, we add that of promoting trade, industry and hospitality in the different areas, providing participants with the list of the different establishments where they can stop once the visit is over ", indicated Magdalena Rodríguez, for whom" invigorating tourism in the province implies spreading knowledge about the different sectors of each area that make it possible. " In this sense, in addition, the deputy explained that the accommodation and restaurants in the area will be notified well in advance so that they can disseminate the routes in their promotion channels, thus creating a synergy that can contribute to encouraging overnight stays in the province.

First destination: the cradle of Romanesque

The first of these routes will take place on September 12 and will begin in the church of Our Lady of the Assumption of Duratón, to where those registered - in order to minimize the risk of contagion - must travel by their own means. Under the title 'The cradle of the Segovian Romanesque', it will show, first, the temple, built between the last years of the XNUMXth century and the first third of the XNUMXth century, and very close to the Confloenta site. Later, the participants in this first route of 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia' will travel to the town of Sepúlveda, where they will discover why the patron saint of the municipality is the Virgen de la Peña, why the town is considered the cradle of Romanesque Segovian or what is the history of the Fueros that every summer is remembered with a medieval fair.

During the press conference, Magdalena Rodríguez also explained that this first route is centered in an area that, within a radius of twenty kilometers, encompasses fifty rural accommodations, eighteen hotel accommodations, fourteen homes for tourist use and forty-three restaurants. located in a total of thirty-one locations; something that, he hoped, "visitors can take advantage of to do local tourism and discover the unknown if they come from Segovia or to stay two or three days in the province and get to know it, if they come from abroad."

Each registration in these visits will have a symbolic price of three euros for people over 8 years of age and the maximum number of admitted participants will depend on the restrictions established by the Junta de Castilla y León to combat Covid19 at that time, even if the Should any of the routes arouse great interest, a second guide would be hired. To participate in them, as indicated by the Prodestur deputy, interested persons should send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until the day before the visit. Thus, reservations for the route 'The cradle of Segovian Romanesque: Duratón and Sepúlveda' can be processed until next Friday, September 11 at 21:00 p.m.

Through the campaign 'Traveler, I will teach you Segovia', the Provincial Council hopes to continue reinventing tourism in the province, offering an opportunity for Segovians themselves to get to know their land in depth and for 'foreigners' to discover the province at the same time. time that tries to boost the work of one of the professions most affected by the pandemic.



September 12, 2020.The cradle of the Segovian Romanesque: Duratón and Sepúlveda
September 19, 2020. On the edge of the mountains: Requijada and Pedraza
September 26, 2020. Through Romanesque land and churras sheep: Fuentidueña and Sacramenia
October 3, 2020. Transition between the Middle Ages and Neoclassicism: Sotosalbos-Trescasas
October 10, 2020. Between pine forests: Fuentepelayo and Carbonero el Mayor
October 17, 2020. Medieval architecture and nature: Maderuelo and Languilla
October 24, 2020. Villa and land of Cuéllar: Sanctuary of Henar and Cuéllar
October 31, 2020. From the cathedral of the Sierra to the land of the bargemen: Villacastín and El Espinar
7 November 2020. Between the town and the palace: Valsaín and the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso
14 November 2020. Through the Segovian mountains: Collado Hermoso and Navafría
21 November 2020. Mountain and medieval architecture: Riaza and Ayllón
28 November 2020. Bishops' Villas: Turégano, Aguilafuente and Escalona del Prado
5 December 2020. Brick architecture: Samboal and Coca
12 December 2020. The Segovian countryside, from the monastery to the winery: Santa María la Real de Nieva y Nieva

Source: Diputación de Segovia