Church of San Miguel - Fuentidueña

Church of San Miguel - Fuentidueña

The church of San Miguel de Fuentidueña has been restored, one of the most notable examples of the Segovian Romanesque.

On December 21, 1995, it was declared a BIC with the category of Monument.

The restoration intervention derived from the poor condition of the temple roof, displaced tiles, some broken and loose.
The roof of the central nave and the apse was also dismantled to renew their roofs, taking advantage of part of the material that could be recovered. A polyurethane projection thermal insulation was placed for greater thermal comfort, as an extra security measure for its maintenance and to prevent water leaks into the temple.

The tiles were replaced but 'a la segoviana' (also called 'a canal') and the files and meetings were carried out at the intersection of the skirt with the church tower.